Buying a sofa is no small feat, it's a big investment and one that you will probably use every single day. Our buying guide breaks down the options, and all the things you should consider when choosing the right sofa for you.


Upholstery gives you a nice tailored look and is great for formal rooms. Consider a dark or pattered fabric that can hide stains while slipcovers can be removed and washed or dry cleaned.


The depth of seats can vary by ten inches or more - 30 inches is considered deep while 20 inches is a shallower seat. Sit on a variety of sofas to see which depth feels best to you.

skirt or legs

Skirts ground the room and can make it appear more cozy or formal. Sofas with exposed legs can open up a room and create an airy feel. Choose between straight legs for a more modern look or curvy legs for an ornate look.

SEAT height

Do you want to sit upright or are you more of a lounger? If you’re tall, you might want your sofa’s height to match your own. Love to lean back and stretch your legs? A lower seat height might be what you’re looking for.

arm width

Sofas with arms make a good side table or extra seating. Sofas with thin arms are great for small spaces where every inch counts and have a more elegant appearance.

flat back or pillows

Sofas with flat backs appear sleek and streamlined while pillows create a cozier look and feel. One advantage of pillows is the cases can be replaced to freshen up the look without reupholstering the entire sofa.