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How to Make Your Tween's Room Rock

Tweens are the best.
JK! Tweens are maybe sometimes the best and more often hellbent on destroying your peace of mind and maybe your wallet simultaneously. One thing we can all agree on – navigating the tween years will be much smoother if your tween has a sanctuary to retreat to.
modern wall hook gold
The Crown Jewels wall hook design by imm living is a great hook for organizing your tween and adds a bit of a royal style to their room.
A stylish room that reflects their interests, dreams and personality is a great way to set up a happy place for your tween to hang out, read, chill with friends, do schoolwork or projects and generally take some time to themselves.
modern light box smile
That said, a quick search for tween room design ideas gets you to a lot of purple and turquoise and navy and pink, and not much that would inspire a modern tween. Burke Décor has higher aspirations
for our tween dreams! We have curated some great examples of modern stylish design that’s playful and fun! Let’s be original.

Another important consideration is choosing design details and investing in a flexible aesthetic that would have some staying power as kids grow and evolve and want to change the vibe up a bit. 

So… let’s look at some of the most stylish and savvy lighting, wallpaper, bedding, furniture and décor that we have rounded up for you and your tween to explore.

This super charming lightbox Smile Live Paradise by Seletti will make your tween's room glow and has three interchangeable front pieces, depending on where their mood takes them.
modern wallpaper skateboards tween
First things first
Think about mixing bold colors or patterns in with a crisp black and white or grey to keep a modern sensibility and make colors, posters and décor pop. Or try pairing some fun and playful wallpapers with more neutral décor and furniture that leans towards the organic or neutral
You want to mix patterns and colors to create a dynamic depth and layer up the intrigue in the room, but you also want to have some focal points where the eye to rest and choices that highlight clean lines and uncluttered space. Staying organized is hard enough (even for usgrown ups), your tween’s décor shouldn’t make it harder!

Try these wallpapers on for size
Your tween skater dude or betty will love this simple yet gritty skateboard diagram design wallpaper in black, white and grey. Skate or Die Wallpaper by Muffin & Mani for Milton & King (pictured) is a great choice for the tween dreaming of kickflips and curb grinding.

Likewise, the Boombox Wallpaper by Muffin & Mani for Milton & King is a perfect fit for a tween’s bedroom wall. Its durable special cellulose coating allows for easy cleaning and prevents scratching.

And Aimee Wilder's new greyscale Love Molecules pattern is comprised of twelve molecular formulas of neurochemicals essential for life, love, and happiness: adrenaline,
anandamide, androstadienone, dopamine, estrogen, gaba, norepinephrine, oxytocin, phenethylamine, serotonin, testosterone, and vasopressin. Perfect for the scientist or romantic in your family.
turquoise wallpaper video games retro
If there must be turquoise, let it be a gorgeous one. The Mamma Wallpaper in Tulum by Aimee Wilder dives a little deeper into the world of retro geometrics.

Another turquoise that won’t feel clichéd, the Gameland Wallpaper in Aquatic by Aimee Wilder is sure to up your gamer’s game (pictured).
Off the Leash Wallpaper from the Ella & Sofia Collection by Milton & King is fun, colorful, playful and would make a great accent wall if your tween is a dog lover.

The Lovers Circus Wallpaper by Milton & King is designed by Jonathan Calugi and is simultaneously minimal and rich with
creative life.
Funky, bold and definitely original, the Peecol Boutique Wallpaper by Milton & King will give your tween, and their
friends, lots to look at.

Can't commit to wallpaper?
Try these great wall stickers by Ferm Living. You can arrange them in any manner you like. They would be great on a wall behind a bed, or maybe in a cluster that trails off above a doorframe.

Is your tween fairest of them all?

These great mirrors (the Cain Mirror by Cyan Design and the Starburst by Lazy Susan serve as stylish, artistic décor as well as fill the all important need to look at oneself. For many, many hours a day.
And this classic Look at You Mirror by Cyan Design would be able to adapt to many of your tween's style changes, or could eventually find a perfect spot to live in the rest of your home.

Accessories that pop!

The Hook Ping in Neon by OYOY is an awesome ping pong inspired wall mounted hook that comes in neon, metallic gold and white. We think it would look great with jewelry, a sweatshirt or a medal dangling from it.

We are fools for stools

Stools are a great way to provide a resting surface for objects or stuff as well as extra seating.

Also, stools aren’t so big that your tween’s clutter can become an unmanageable mountain of junk. Like your couch or coffee table might, for instance.
Using a couple of different stools will create a dynamic mix of varying heights in your room, which is an excellent way of bringing depth to a space.
These two great stools by Safavieh are so much fun but two totally different aesthetics - which one would be in line with your tween's style?

Industrial chic meets the pop coloration of Andy Warhol in the Evan Iron Strips stool in a bright neon yellow hue. It is perfect as an accent piece, but not afraid to stand on its own as a focal point.

Or add some global flavor with a glamorous chrome sheen to your tween’s room with this metallic Silver Ceramic Elephant stool by Safavieh.

Combine lighting with your furniture in this incredibly lovely and modern Lightbox Floor Lamp design by Gus Modern. A foot switch controls the inner light bulb is easily inserted from the underside of the cube. It's a lamp, stool, and accent table all in one.
And the indestructible stacking Basic Stool design by MD MOD is perfect and practical for when your tween is having a few friends over and additional surfaces and seating are needed!

Statement lighting is delightful

Speaking of lighting, we have some great table and floor lamps for you to choose from, whether you are wondering how to illuminate the room for a softer vibe or to really light up an important task.

Don’t shy away from using a bold light as a statement piece, but if you want to go with something more neutral, it should still be polished and sophisticated.

Your tween can express their personality in many ways with these lights, but they will all reinforce their modern style.
Another genius lightbox from Seletti, this square version features the interchangeable messages of Love, Soul Food, and Change Your Mind. Or you can also make a plain illuminated square. So much to love here.
And their MRND Maria Teresa Table Lamp is a very design forward and boldly colorful lamp that would look just right on a glossy white table or desk.
Table Lamps
These two table lamps are modern takes on classic shapes and function. The Pink Pop Glass LED Accent Lamp in Hot Pink adds a modern cut glass illuminated twinkle to a table or a nightstand with the added benefit of being LED, and the Chemile Desk Lamp by Cyan Design is a really solid update on the traditional swing arm work light, made with iron and pewter.
Floor Lamps
Burke Decor likes these two options from Robert Abbey for their modern, minimal clean lighting that's not fussy and could work with any number of tween room styles and aesthetics. The Rico Spinet Collection Global Floor Light features a full range dimmer and is available in three finishes. And the Bruno Collection Adjustable C Arm Task Floor Lamp is ideal for either workspace or general illumination.
by Lazy Susan is a timeless piece that would be easy to combine with any color palette your tween has chosen for their room.
Your tween will tell you, you can't go wrong with globe string lights. This strand of garden lights from Seletti is always a welcome twinkle.

Get to work!

We are sure that your tween is of the homework loving variety. But even if they’d rather be making memes or working on their graphic novel or doing their nails, they’ll still need a desk to work on!
Here are some great options that are super flexible and can move with your tween right into the teen years.
The industrial-style Bentley desk from Safavieh, with its iron frame on casters, takes the iconic kitchen cart and updates it as a chic work table with a glossy red finish. Clean, simple lines keep the Bentley desk relevant and adaptable for the modern tween work space.
Nothing traditional here; this innovative
Cruise Desk by Euro Style is just the answer for any office space. It features two large unique drawers with slow closure system for all your desk top accessories. The large solid, durable black writing surface creates a timeless look that will compliment any work space.

Keep it together!

Some adaptable and multi-purpose shelving will help keep your tween organized and also give them space to show off their favorite treasures.
We kind of can't even cope with how useful the Suburbia Wooden Wall Storage by Seletti is. It's like having a locker on your wall. And their Assemblage Modular Bookcase (shown here in white, but also available in Anthracite) is so flexible - just add or subtract components as your needs change.
These dreamy Cloud Shape shelves by BD Mini are made of metal and come in both small and large sizes. They would be so much fun as a cluster, perhaps on a colorfully painted wall, or a wallpaper accent wall.

Who doesn't love a pouf?

Portable, fun and perfect for small spaces or in combination with other seating, poufs are ideal for tween room décor.

We are also including some great storage ottomans from Burke Décor’s collection in case you need to add storage to the mix.
This great wool and cotton
Hand Knitted Contemporary Wool Pouf in Purple from Chandra rugs is a fabulous color and offers some vibrant flavor to your tween room color palette.
And in the same color family, the Huffington Ottoman by Cyan Design is so much fun and this rich, jewel toned magenta color would look incredible with other warm colors (think oranges and yellows) as well as monochromatic black and white. Plus you get some storage as well.
Highly textured and made of durable wool, the
Scandinavia Pouf in Egret by Jaipur is a great organic piece in a neutral palette that will compliment a variety of styles.
Last, but definitely not least, the nuLOOM line has a new set of poufs that we are wild for. Coming in a Moroccan clothed pattern, classic leather, and boho chic designs, these poufs are both laid back, yet edgy and bold.
The Martil Faux Leather pouf in gold is definitely not minimalist, which may appeal to your over the top tween.

Throwing a fit

Surya has some deliciously furry options for throw blankets your tween is sure to adore and hopefully will let you cozy up to when you are permitted entrance to their sanctuary.
We love the Kharaa Throw Blanket in Blush, but check out their light grey color way as well. And the Felina Throw Blanket in Black is just the right degree of moody...

As if your tween needed more reasons to stay in bed all day

These are some excellent options for original, creative approaches to tween bedding that avoid the usual and hum drum.

The Parker Shale Bedding design by Pine Cone Hill is timeless and has a flexible style to complement your other décor choices.
Throw it in reverse! These incredibly yummy
reversible Chenevard Pure Silk Quilt and Sham from Designers Guild are smart and luxurious and give your tween extra style options.

Available in several different colorways.
Soft, multicolor dots in a pattern
reminiscent of paint splotches bring a bubbly spirit to the Watercolor Dots Bedding by Pine Cone Hill.

Pillows that don't fight

Burke Decor loves a throw pillow! We curated some of our favorites that we think your tween would love to loll around on in their newly transformed dream room.
To get started, here are three bangers from Selamat's Rapee Multi Pillow collection.

Now the question is, how can your tween possibly choose just one? They are all so extremely delicious!
These dual-tone circular pillows from OYOY are like soft gems of modern theory and your tween can't possibly object.
Or try some black and white pillows to make a high contrast statement and let the other colors in your tween's room pop!

And it's hard to resist the Flags Jolly Roger by Seletti. Check out their other patterns as well for some pops of color.
This pillow from the Traditions Made Modern collection by Jaipur represents the fruits of a collaborative exploration of origins undertaken by Jaipur and The Museum of New Mexico.
And isn't that kind of the larger point we are getting at?

Burke Decor wants you to take your design traditions, your tween's fundamental loves and passions, and manifest them into a modern and flexible room style that will give them the space they need to grow into even more stylish teens.

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