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How To Set A Modern Holiday Table, Part Deux

Burke Decor, back for more!
We didn't hardly scratch the surface of the modern tableware and decor that Burke Decor has to offer you this holiday season. How do you find the perfect balance between setting a modern table that shines and brightens your festivities, and is also practical enough to keep the food and drink flowing seamlessly? We have so many suggestions!
Let's be seated
In the last post, we talked about how to set up the best modern bar for your guests, and how set your modern holiday table with the finest of linens, most intriguing serving ware and some killer modern glassware. Now we want to show you the flatware and plates that Burke Decor has selected for its Holiday Collection 2017 - it's time to eat!

The best way to ensure your table looks modern and not too stuffy is to make it a representation of your style and aesthetics and not get too hung up on being formal, even if you are setting a table for an elegant affair. We love a mix of metallics and finishes, playful linens and patterns, but you can stick to a more neutral palette and clean lines if you prefer to be more minimal.

User Experience
The most important thing to do is consider the progression of the party and meal, and think through how your guests will want to serve themselves, interact, pass food, pour, chat and move around your space. Will the meal be in a celebratory family style, a sumptuous buffet, or a more traditional sit-down affair? Once you have these fundamentals nailed down, you can think about how to layer or stack different plates for different courses, what kind of glassware is needed, and how many forks or spoons everyone will need.

It's not a bad idea to consider what you need as a host, as well. Make sure you are all set up to serve, pass, wipe up, ladle out, carve or refill as needed so that you get to have some fun, too!
How to choose the modern flatware for your table? Well, the Simple 5 Piece Flatware set by Hawkins New York is so nice we are showing you twice.

Looking lovely in both the before and after shots (above the intro to this post and at left), this set is both luxurious and glamorous, and also clean and modern.
Forged from solid Brass, the five piece flatware set includes salad + dinner forks, a dinner knife, and dessert + dinner spoons. Designed to feel great in the hand, while adding a touch of shine to the table, the collection is sure to impress.
When you are investing in flatware for your table, consider whether or not this will be solely for very particular occasions or if you want to start to assemble a collection of pieces that may not be used everyday, but could be a part of your more regular entertaining routine.
While the holiday season is indeed a special time of year, there's no reason why the flatware, cutlery or linens you choose have to be in a certain colorway or style that keeps them from being useful year-round. If you choose quality modern pieces with some flexibility to adapt to the context, you can layer and use them differently to make different style choices and create a different party ambiance as needed.
Check out these three fabulous options for flatware from Canvas:
Just in time for the entertaining season, color-plated handle flatware. Throw a party with our new Jaipur cream-colored five-piece set.
We love how flexible and adaptable this set is, no matter what color or pattern you are using for your table or decor. This off white set would look equally lovely on a bright blue or gold background.
Perfect for the entertaining, canvas introduces the classical Madrid cutlery collection. Available in a brushed stainless steel, black or matte gold finish, this design takes a more traditional shape and makes it distinctly modern.

Inspired by mid 20th Century Scandinavian flatware, the shapes of the Oslo 5 piece set are minimal and clean. The copper metallic finish takes them to a new level of sophistication and glamour.

Place setting includes one of each: 
Salad fork, Dinner Fork, Dinner Knife, Tablespoon + Teaspoon.
This Set of 4 Stainless Steel & Stoneware Cutlery in Gold Finish w/ Gift Box by BD Edition is setting some kind of record for style per dollar ratio. It's so stylish and packed with global flavor, that you and your guests would never imagine it was so affordable.
The Keytlery Set of 24 Gold Cutlery Pieces by Seletti will give you 6 playful and modern place settings to wow your guests with.
Designed by Alessandro Zambezi and made of stainless steel electroplated with titanium, this cutlery is dishwasher safe and available in different finishes. We love the key shape on the handles and know it would look phenomenal lifting a last bite of stuffing or a first bite of chocolate mousse.
"The plates were as pretty as the food"
Burke Decor is a big fan of plates with personality. Of course we have some beautiful solids that are sure to sure to please the most minimal of aesthetics. But...if you too have a penchant for pattern, why not indulge yourself on these whimsical, irreverent and beautiful choices for the modern holiday table. Mix and match, pair with classics and vintage, and no one will want to get up.
Chic and classique porcelain dinnerware in a generous scale and friendly coupe shape with a surprising splatter of solid gold.

The 1948° dinnerware is the perfect balance of timeless and today, formal and fresh, uptown and downtown. Your dining table deserves some quiet luxury with a splash of panache.

This dinnerware is dishwasher safe up to 500 washes so it's formal enough for a holiday table but hardworking for every day.

This set of four handprinted plates with a bold diamond star pattern will dress up any meal, and with their 8" diameter, they could be used for appetizers or desserts. 
Try pairing these with a metallic printed glass for extra global glamour.
Canvas' new collection of dinnerware focuses on soft shapes and beautiful matte glazes. They worked with a small maker outside Barcelona using local clay and developed a new  soft off-white glaze and a light-absorbing black glaze which are then combined in a fun striped motif. They reminded us of the famous sandstone buildings in Salamanca.
At the height of transferware production during the Industrial Revolution in England, hundreds of potteries in the region of Stoke-on-Trent applied a signature mark to the underside of their wares. This is the same process by which Sir/Madam produces the Makers’ Marks dinner plates — but they quite literally turned things upside down, creating a pattern out of the marks of some of our favorite bygone makers. Set of 4 unique 10" diameter stoneware plates.
If your holiday table is demanding the top of the line, then the La Vienne Dinner Plate in Grey is the one for you.
Canvas' first collection of fine china, La Vienne, is made in Portugal by a factory that specializes in the time-honored techniques and materials used for centuries in Limoges, France. The high-fired porcelain bodies combine with classical shapes, soft color palettes, and small metallic accents to make this collection the essence of elegance through simplicity. Every bit as beautiful as the classics, yet updated and fresh.
However, if you (or your apartment's cupboards) are not ready for a fine china commitment, or if you just want to have more fun with the appetizer or dessert course, Burke Decor has some stylish and easy-to-store options in less weighty materials...
Thomas Paul's new Metamorphosis collection is a stunning range of plates, coasters and trays that are made from high quality, dishwasher safe melamine. Patterned with exclusive Thomas Paul designs and colors, these items reference traditional motifs often used in fine china, but reinterpreted here in a fun and modern way.
Always room for dessert.
The Odeme dessert sets include 4 melamine 6" plates that are ready to entertain fresh out of the box.

Check out some of Odeme's other patterns for your holiday entertaining - we think the Fete Side plates are also especially fetching.
Finally, dreamy tableware that is as tough as is it is fun. These heavy weight plates are made from a revolutionary new food contact-grade thermoset plastic called ThermoSāf ® that is multi-oven capable, FDA, NSF and EU approved for food contact.  These products contain no harmful chemicals and all are 100% manufactured in the U.S.A.

Think of the children
All this talk of tough tableware has us thinking of our rowdiest holiday guests - the kids! We have a few ideas about how to entertain the little ones with their very own modern holiday place settings for kids that are sure to make their night special (and maybe give everyone else a chance to finish a sentence).

These placemats by OYOY are too cute and because they are made of silicone, they can stand up to any challenge. Plus the neutral palette of dark grey won't interfere with your style theme. Adventure Placemats (left) and Christmas Placemats (right) are sold in sets of two.
Reindeers and foxes and bears, oh my!
Bamboo Kids Serving Set in Off White & Mint by BD mini.
Also available in pink.
Wee gallery designed this playful collection for kids. They were inspired by vintage ceramics, so "kept the functionality, added the fun, and modernized it using their signature black and white graphics."

These are sure to tempt the pickiest eater to at least try a brussel sprout before they skip ahead to the pie.
Hot stuff coming!
These lovely trivets are almost too cute to be hidden under a hot plate or dish. Almost - because the roasted cauliflower gratin really needs to be eaten hot, so put it down already. Trivets are a fun way to add modernity and decorate your tabletop.
This set of six coasters can be arranged to form a tiled trivet. The illusion of 3D through color and geometry allows for endless permutations, encouraging playful mosaic building on your table.

Also available in bright colors, we think these would be a really fun yet practical way to set a modern table.
Wave Trivet is a simple, sculptural trivet to protect table tops from heat, cold and liquids. Its dynamic graphic form is inspired by the appearance of an electromagnetic spectrum wavelength space, or put more simply, it’s an interpretation of a heat wave pattern. Designed by up-and-coming Norwegian design studio Noidoi, Wave Trivet is constructed from durable cast iron, with an integrated cork base to maintain grip on the table. 
These gorgeous trivets are fashioned by coppersmiths and brass founders using pure metals left raw to oxidize naturally. This allows the discs to age gracefully and to show off the wear and tear of their purposeful use.
These are too sweet to just save for once or twice a year! Florigraphie reimagines the typical patterns for table mats in straw. The secret language of flowers in precious objects.
Light up your holiday table with candles
The final touches on your holiday table must include some light! We are a big fan of low, clustered candles, but a few classic candleholders spaced at regular intervals are also a luxurious style to adopt for holiday entertaining.
Cast in recycled aluminum from real antlers then burnished to a high shine, these look like the real thing! Pillar style uses downward-facing antler points, raising the candles above the table.
Candles will look wonderful with some natural elements interspersed among them - think small citrus fruits, feathery evergreens, whole nuts, or small foil wrapped chocolates.
Light a candle and cozy up in style with these beautiful marble candleholders . Mix and match with other candle holders and cluster together on the table for a unique look.
These would look phenomenal on a neutral palette, and livened up with some fresh garland and linen napkins.
Perfect star-shaped tealight holders are carved from crystalline, white selenite, a columnar mineral that glows beautifully when light from within. Amassed stars make a radiant holiday statement.
Perfect pairs may have their appeal, but a little variety will always light up the room. These Georgian-inspired candlesticks come in six unique silhouettes of varying heights in either cast brass-plate, or hand-carved from plantation hardwood. They are most impactful when displayed in conversational clusters.
Tap into your creative side
Why stop at candles? The holidays offer opportunities to dress up your table or sideboard with some creative decor ideas that bring some sparkle to your festivities. Don't be afraid of being playful, being casual, being eccentric, and taking your holiday spirit just a little over the top.
The Modern Brass Forest Trees is a curious collection fashioned by hand into charmingly eccentric shapes, then set on a waxed Sheesham wood base and covered with a glass dome. When the holidays are over, the domes can be used to display other objets d'art year-round.
Set includes one each of six styles.
The Black Sand Hourglass collection is a fun way to add some glass, texture and a conversation starter as guests contemplate the fleeting nature of time to your table. And then ask for a second helping.
Holiday traditions may be timeless, but your time is valuable!
Our last tip for an easy holiday table and clean up is to use some ravishing, and disposable, napkins, plates, straws and cups from Harlow & Grey.
These fabulous collections come in a wide variety of colors and sassy metallics that are sure to relegate some of the stuffier and less-than-modern holiday conventions to the history books.

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