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Cozy factor 10

Everyone wants to be as hygge as possible these days (hygge is an awesome Danish concept of maximizing life’s coziness and acknowledging moments as full of little pleasures), and a throw blanket is a fantastic move towards ramping up the cozy factor of your life.

But throw blankets serve many purposes – they not only keep us warm, they add decorative style as well as texture, pattern and color opportunities to living rooms, bedrooms, media rooms, guest rooms and even office spaces. Throw blankets run the style gamut from simple and soft cotton to luxurious faux fur hides to a classic wool plaid, and there’s one for any design aesthetic you want to compliment. Whether your room’s style is glamorous, worldly, organic, modern, elegant, casual, rustic, playful or classic – a perfect throw blanket exists for you. Possibly many perfect throw blankets. We have some great baskets you might store them in.

And we have a great selection of throws for you to love on:

Kerrick Stripe Cotton Throw design by Faribault

Kerrick Stripe Cotton Throw design by Faribault

Buffalo Check Throw design by Faribault

buffalo check throw blanket faribault

White Faux Fox Throw design by Tozai

faux white fox throw blanket burke decor

striped charcoal throw blanket by surya

Ibiza French Blue Throw design by Pine Cone Hill

burke decor ibiza french blue throw blanket

Throwing down

Let’s be clear – we love to throw. Unlike our mischievous toddlers, Burke Décor encourages throwing. Is that a pillow? We’re throwing it. We will even throw pillows outside of our own homes. We might even toss a pillow in a store, and certainly at a friend’s house. The potential to achieve proper throw pillow placement is just too alluring to pass up. Not content with one or two, our couches have multiple throw pillows – maybe upwards of 9 if there’s an L-shaped sectional involved. There’s a mix of patterns, textures, fabrics in our throw pillows that works together in harmony. We throw, and then we adjust until we have created the perfect illusion of casual and inviting comfort and glamour. We. throw. down. Not surprisingly, we have a phenomenal and well-curated collection of throw pillows you may want to peruse. But that’s a different class!

National Geographic Home Collection Pillow in Marigold & CranberryBurke Decor Honneurs Lys Throw PillowEl Apache Euro Sham design by Lorena Gaxiola

Now throw blankets on the other hand, present a bit more of a challenge, but not one to shy away from. A throw blanket requires more of a “placing” or a “draping” technique to achieve perfection. Here’s a massive primer of design tricks from Burke Décor on how to perfect your throw placement no matter the season, the material or the furniture you are putting your throw blanket on. Class is in session!

5 Questions to ask yourself

Like any good coach, we want you to take the proper measures before you jump in the game. So we need to take stock of the situation. Let’s warm up with a few questions that will help us make some critical throw blanket decisions a little later.

Are you a casual or formal throw blanket personality?

When you make a bed do you obsess over hospital corners, or do you smooth things out and give the duvet a shake and figure you are just going to rumple it all up again later on?

Faribault’s Cumberland Plaid is demonstrating why classics are classics, in 100% Merino wool.

A kilim-inspired print and long fringe elevates this Anatolia Linen Throw design by Pine Cone HillAnatolia Linen Throw design by Pine Cone Hill

Do you have an irresistible urge to fold this top throw blanket right now? That is a great way to gauge your throw blanket personality.

burke decor Arequipa Throws by Roost

These Arequipa throws by Roost are divinely soft and are woven by a Fair Trade, family-owned weaving company in Peru.

What material are you looking for?

Throw blankets should be seasonally appropriate, as well as integrate into your existing décor. Consider whether or not cotton, wool, faux fur or even linen is an appropriate choice for the current season and if you might need to swap out when the weather changes. How cozy do you need to be right now? How about in 5 months? Also consider whether or not you want to be able to launder your throw blanket at home, or if you want a material that wrinkles or not.

This vibrant neon acrylic throw blanket from Pine Cone Hill screams party time, but on a warm night, not a cold one:

burke decor Rancho Knit Throw blanket by Pine Cone Hill

And this super modern, handcrafted cotton and linen throw blanket from Louise Gray is made extra soft and warm with batting, while still machine washable.

burke decor Throw Quilt No. 9 design by Louise Gray

What room will your throw blanket be in?

Throw blankets are completely at home in living rooms, bedrooms, nurseries, media rooms, family rooms, sun rooms, guest rooms and even office spaces. You may want to roll some up to keep in a basket that can be brought outdoors to a patio as well.

These Nautical throws by Faribault make us think of long lazy afternoons swimming in the sun. And then wrapping ourselves up in something soft and warm when we’re all done.

 Nautical Cotton Throws design by Faribault

What furniture will you be placing your throw blanket on?

Proper throw blanket placement varies whether or not the throw blanket is going to be used on a sofa, a settee, a sectional, a daybed, a bed, a rocking chair, an armchair, an ottoman or if it needs to work for an array of different options in one room.

This Faribault wool blanket is the coziest of throws and because it’s in a simple black and white – would compliment almost any decor.

Buffalo Check Throw design by Faribault

This throw from Pine Cone Hill features adorable pom poms as fringe – wonderful for a bed or over a rocking chair in a nursery.

Pom Pom Robin's Egg Blue Throw design by Pine Cone Hill

What kind of use will your throw blanket be getting?

Let’s be honest – you may want to wrap your children in the softest of cashmere, but that may not be the most practical choice. Throws that are going to get daily use from multiple family members need to be more durable and less fragile than those in a less-traveled guest room. A throw that might be used outside near a fire pit will need to be laundered more frequently, as might one in a nursery. A throw blanket that will be spread out on a sofa and possibly sat upon will need to be tougher than one draped elegantly over the edge of a daybed.

The Ashby twill is subtly textured with a zig zag and finished with a heather gray rolled fringe. And it’s available in 5 colors from Burke Décor.

Classic Baby Throw design by Kumi Kookoon

We couldn’t resist this silky Baby throw design by Kumi Kookoon. Too yummy (the blanket and the baby).

Throw blankets for every occasion

OK, so we’ve asked you the tough questions, and you answered them (we won’t be grading you, it’s casual). So now let’s move on to the possible throw blanket solution that works best for your circumstances.

The top ways to show off a throw blanket is to either drape, fold, or roll it. Let’s start with draping…

Draping without drama

If you don’t need your hospital corners, then draping is probably the best throw blanket placement for you. You can drape your throw blanket off the edge of a couch or over the arm. This is a great, unfussy look and works best with a throw blanket that has a little weight to it so it doesn’t rumple too much, but not so heavy that it looks stiff (like a blanket-style wool one).

A folded in two and then casually tossed throw blanket on top of a bed that isn’t made to perfection is also a great way to invoke the bohemian spirit, especially if you are mixing up some patters and have a great variety of throw pillows as well. There’s something terribly romantic and intimate about a throw dangling from the edge of a bed or daybed, and depending on the throw blanket, it could go in the glamorous retro Hollywood direction, or inspire thoughts of a youthful summer in Ibiza.

Ibiza French Blue Throw design by Pine Cone Hill

Ibiza French Blue throw by Pine Cone Hill

A throw can be spread out across the entire sofa if you want to show it off, or use a faux-fur to its fullest, most inviting potential. Or, ahem, cover a wine stain (thank you, Book Club).

Burke Décor has a number of great and drapey throw blanket choices:

White Faux Fox Throw design by Tozai 

This white faux fox fur throw blanket by Tozai is crazy yummy and would make any furniture or bed it was draped on exponentially more inviting.

And we can see any number of throws looking fabulous on these chairs:

Landon Chair in Grey design by Interlude Home

Mix Modular Armless Chair design by Gus Modern

Mix Modular Armless Chair design by Gus Modern

Here’s a 100% cotton draped throw blanket looking lovely and organic in a neutral palette:

Wainscott Indigo Reversible Matelassé Bedding design by Pine Cone Hill

Wainscott Indigo Reversible Matelassé Bedding design by Pine Cone Hill

Folded in three

This is one of your very tidiest options for arranging your throw blanket and once it’s been folded in three, you can then keep it long and rectangular, or fold in half again and put it just about anywhere: foot of the bed, over a chair, arm of the sofa, etc… It keeps your throw blanket on display, but also out of the way. This is also a particularly savvy choice if you want to show off a lovely decorated or fringed edge, or if there’s a wide stripe pattern that can be highlighted.

Check out these throw blankets ideal for a tidy fold:

 Zaire Throw in Crimson & Bird of Paradise design by Jaipur

This upbeat slub cotton throw blanket bright, multi-colored tassels creates a carefree, upbeat ambiance in your space.

And you could put it on the arm of this great club chair for a pop of color:

Davian Wool Blend Club Chair in Light Grey design by Safavieh

Davian Wool Blend Club Chair by Safavieh

Or maybe something a little softer and more classic like the floral Sibylla fuchsia throw by Designer’s Guild. And folded up it creates intrigue by concealing the full print and teasing its audience.

Sibylla Fuchsia Throw design by Designers Guild

Folded by four

You can fold your throw blanket by four into a clean square that might look ideal on a chair back or arm, on a bench at the foot of a bed, and would be super cute on the corner of a square ottoman or poof. A square folded blanket can also be nice on top of another, longer blanket at the bottom of a nicely made bed. This option also works well for thinner fabrics that might otherwise rumple.

We love this modern, charcoal and ivory cotton Troy design for a throw blanket you might fold in four:

 Troy Charcoal & Ivory Throw design by Surya

And you might then lay it on top of this soothing ombre wool poof, also by Surya:

Chaz Pouf in Grey design by Surya


Or in a more classic setting you could tuck throw blankets inside this elegant storage ottoman by Safavieh:

Amelia Tufted Storage Ottoman in True Taupe design by Safavieh


Maybe a whole stack of nice folded woolen throw blankets from Faribault:

Pure and Simple Blanket design by Faribault

Roll em up

Rolling up throw blankets and putting them into a basket is an ideal choice for media rooms, family rooms or nurseries in which more than one throw blanket might be used simultaneously. This way everyone can have their own blanket, and you won’t be draping them all over every piece of furniture. This is also a great way to store blankets that travel out to patios or all weather porches when you want to offer guests a way to be even cozier by a fire.

Kerrick Stripe Cotton Throw design by Faribault

The Kerrick Stripe Throw design by Faribault is of the softest pure cotton and the earthiest of gentle palettes. Breezy and organic and effortless.

How about a nice basket for your throw blanket?

We love this practical and modern wire basket from Ferm Living. Some plaid wool throw blankets would look exceptional in this:

Medium Wire Basket in Dusty Green design by Ferm Living

And this Natural Fish Scale basket in red would be a gorgeous companion to some black and white throw blankets:

 Small Red Fish Natural Fish Scale Basket design by Lazy SusanSchool’s out!

So what are you waiting for, graduate? Put down the book and get to throwing some blankets around!

Sheared Beaver Faux Fur Throw design by Tozai

Sheared Beaver Faux Fur throw by Tozai

And if your room still isn’t hygge enough for you (pop quiz – just to see if you remember where we started), try some of these amazing candles Burke Décor is stocking from Skandinavisk.

burke decor Skandinavisk candles

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