Are you the type to casually flip through an Architectural Digest or Elle Décor in a waiting room?

Or do you have a subscription to every home décor magazine on the market and your favorite HGTV show schedule memorized to watch at the gym?

Doesn’t matter – Burke Décor is sure that at some point we have all wondered how get that magazine-worthy room.

Burke Décor is about to spill the beans on some tricks of the trade that can make a big style impact and rev up the refinement and style of your space.

Don’t clutch your pearls, we aren’t going to tell you to buy a new couch or replace all of your window treatments! But we are going to tell you how to create some magazine worthy vignettes. Are you ready?

The trick is to create layers of décor, working both two dimensionally on a wall and three dimensionally on a surface like a shelf, a mantle, a table or furniture top.

And we also encourage you to:

  • Alternate scale to create an anchor
  • Mix up your art pieces, personal objects, storage and candles
  • Light it with style
  • Make sure you have at least a couple of knockout pieces to turn heads

Now … off to the races!

Our friend calls it a “clutter wall”

Some well-curated art, frames mirrors work together in a cluster to create intrigue and add color and texture to your walls. This is a purposeful, intentional mish mosh, well-anchored by careful choices about size, scale, texture and finishes.

 Abstraction Poster by Ferm Living


We were framed!

Burke Décor has an incredible range of picture frames. We love a group of frames of different sizes on a wall or arranged on an entry table in the foyer, a console table or credenza in a dining room, on a dresser in a bedroom, or on a mantle above the fireplace. Here are some of the many choices you have from our collection:

The Molten Brass frames and Triangolo antiqued brass frames from Roost are two different takes on authentically antiqued finished brass frames that are very modern and have lots of character. Their subtle differences in finish and geometry would make them interesting partners on a shelf or console table. Roost offers contemporary products without a hard edge and with an emphasis on organic style and livable design:

 Triangolo Antiqued Brass Frames by Roost Molten Brass Frames

These two frames from Lazy Susan are both refined, but definitely speak to different aesthetics. The rustic yet modern frame uses horn and bone inlay, while the elegant alabaster frame is perfectly suited for a more romantic décor:

 Grey & White Horn and Bone 5 x 7 Picture Frame design by Lazy Susan Solid Slab Alabaster Frame (5x7) design by Lazy Susan

Managing to be both understated and eye catching, the Prisma Frame by Umbra is effortlessly cool. Its geometric angles add new dimension to your photographs and can be hung on the wall or put on a desk or table:

 Burke Decor Prisma Frame Prisma Multi Frame in Chrome design by Umbra

A few sets of 2 Elegant Photo Frames or the collection of Tuileries Golden Dots in assorted shapes by Twos Company could fill your empty space with a nice variety of size and scale in a flash:

 Set of 2 Elegant Photo Frames design by Twos Company Tuileries Golden Dots Photo Frame in Assorted Shapes design by Twos Company

These are two different brands that we love, Vagabond Vintage and Tozai, with two takes on inlay that would look too too good all together with a glowing candle nearby:

 Antique Striped Bone Frame design by Vagabond Vintage Golden Criss Cross Set of 2 Shimmering Photo Frames design by Tozai

Mirror, mirror on the wall! (Burke Décor has the best selection of all)

Mirrors are one of the best design tricks of all time if you want to create depth, open up spaces and amplify both natural and man made lighting to its best possible potential. Burke Décor offers many options:

 Limited Gold Edition Focalize Gold Mirror by Seletti

This limited edition Gold Focalize mirror by Seletti is breathtaking. Seletti uses “childhood memories,” re-proposing memories as cult objects made from porcelain and finished in high style.

Chevron Indigo Bone Wall Mirror design by Twos Company

This Chevron Indigo Bone Wall Mirror by Twos Company is fresh, vibrant and at 24” x 36,” a way to make a big impact in a small space, or utilize larger spaces to their maximum potential.

Nash Mirror design by Currey & Company

The Nash Mirror by Currey and Co is sophisticated and evokes mid century modern in a refreshingly rugged way. Its square shape and subtlety could work in many spaces.

Try a circular mirror with an organic, nature inspired frame:

Cage Mirror design by Form Us With Love for Menu is modern and crisp and we are completely in love with its functionality. It includes convenient storage where you can stash accessories like scarves, or hang your sunglasses from the wires on the side of the cage. FUWL says, "The cage family is inspired by new behaviors, where we place our objects in the home and how we can store things. The Cage collection has a strong functional ambition while the pieces also become beautiful interior accessories." Hang the mirror in your entryway, bedroom, guest room or bathroom:

Cage Mirror design by Form Us With Love for Menu

Floor mirrors are a luxury you can afford! These three floor mirrors demonstrate how you can create drama with just a floor mirror and an inviting chair, storage basket or side table and completely transform the feeling of your space:

Wall art doesn’t have to be shy (but it doesn’t need to shout either)

Wall art offers the opportunity for an unexpected pop of texture, color or shape to complement the more traditional shapes you may already have on your walls. Natural colors or organic shapes of the Elk Skulls by Barbara Cosgrove and the Ostional Wall Urchins by Interlude Home are paired with modern finishes and assembly to work with other contemporary furniture or artwork you are showcasing. The Crown Jewels wall hook and trinket dish is an inspired way to bring the artistic and whimsical to even your practical décor. 
The clock is ticking on your style upgrade! Burke Décor finds that Newgate Clocks offers an exceptional selection:

 Cookhouse Wall Clock in Biscuit Box Red design by Newgate

Bring stylish sophistication to your home with this Cookhouse Wall Clock from Newgate. Featuring a beautifully retro metal case in red, it is complemented by the chrome-plated bezel and finished with midnight black hands. 

A dark plywood case and spun brass dial combine to create the modernist mid-century inspired Mr. Clarke Wall Clock by Newgate.

Dome Alarm Clock in Silicone Petrol Blue with White Face design by Newgate


Newgate’s contemporary domed podium alarm clock in a tactile silicone finish would look amazing on your nightstand.

Need more to choose from?

Check out Burke Décor’s full collection of clocks:

Try creating a vignette

Assemble a few head-turning pieces in a corner or on the end of a piece of furniture, or on deep shelves. You don’t have to fill it all up! Alternate the scale to make sure each piece has its own space. Burke Décor suggests a selection of vases, storage and candles that are so style forward they could handily hold their own independently, but it’s so much nicer to play together.

Burke Decor Set of 10 Hinged Flower Vases design by Tozai

Intentional clutter only please!

These storage pieces are the perfect containers for a special personal object. Or those things that you just don’t really need to be laying around, junking things up. Burke Décor is no stranger to the junk issue.

Rabbits, Owls and Cats – oh my! These canisters from imm Living are so cute we can’t stand it. Equally at home on a kitchen counter or a glamorous entry table.

Black and white inlay from Tozai would work with many styles from modern to deco.

Don’t bury your treasure! Display it in this display dish from Twos Company.

Menu says about these captivating nesting houses: “Small architecture for storing the small things in life.” And sustainably made in Nepal to benefit fair working initiatives, to boot.


Candles - why wouldn’t your décor appeal to all of your senses?

Burke Décor offers the most delectable of candles and diffusers from Skandinavisk [], a Nordic designer making scents to bring out the Hygge in your living space. What’s Hygge - a Danish dedication to creating a warm atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life with good people. These evocative aromas are sure to get you there:

Check out these other candles we carry with stylish packaging that will make a pop on any shelf or side table:


 KOBO bourbon candle voluspa macaron candle
simpatico ambergris candles Lucia Votive Candle Set
Wary Meyers Mainely Manly Candle Black Soleil Candle Honey Absolute design by DL & Co.


Candleholders by OYOY are lovely all in a row on a shelf in a kitchen above the cabinets, spread out along or clustered on a dining room table.

OYOY is a Danish company that creates quality products with focus on design, function, colors and exquisite materials. They are inspired by classic Scandinavian designs with a twist of Japanese design – with a passion of combining colors and materials.


Vases are versatile.

A vase can make a loud bold statement or a subtle but strong whisper; they can be glamorous, modern or rustic; and you can use one on its own or multiple pieces together to create different effects.

You can say it with flowers (or branches or ferns or feathers), but equally as important as whatever interesting item you are putting in a vase is the vase itself. Ditto for plant pots, by the way.

In fact, you do not even need to put anything in these vases.

Although, Burke Décor has a collection of such tempting vases for you to choose from that people will probably start to bring you flowers whenever they come to visit:
 Burke Decor Artisan Vases Bubbles Vase design by Cyan Design Dixon Block Crystal Vase design by Two's Company

The first thing you may want to consider is where you want to place your vase, because this will determine how big it should be and if there will be more than one. Once you’ve figured that out, consider what shape you’d like best. Is your preference for a vase with graceful curves, geometric angles, or something more cylindrical and straight up-and-down?

A large floor vase looks great on its own next to a couch, in a corner or in an entryway.

But then, why do you even need to stop at one? Burke Décor is an occasional fan of excess.

 Long Necked Vase w/ MOP Effect design by Tozai Terra Cotta Tall Jar design by Burke Decor Home Burke Decor Morandi Bottles & Vases

Multiple vases of varying sizes look fabulous on a mantle, scattered on bookshelves or clustered on a side table.

This Hexagon Brass Pot Design by Ferm Living is a perfect example of how they work together or on their own.

Slim modern vases with one unusual stem on a nightstand can pull the whole bedroom together.

This particular vase from Menu could probably pull an entire living room together as well, it makes such a high design impact. 

A vase with a little more material in it looks wonderful on a larger table as a centerpiece.

Or not so much material and just a little more vase, as in these hinged flower vases by Tozai:

What kind of finish on the vase is more in keeping with your design aesthetic, or the room that you’re decorating?

Burke Décor loves vases with a little metallic or gloss in their finish:

But we are also smitten with more rustic, irregular finishes that look hand glazed:

Remember we said plant pots, too

The variety of wonderful plant pots available really deserves its own article. But we rallied to collect a few of the best and brightest that Burke Décor can offer you for inside and out: 

Burke Decor Rustico Planters  Norman Planters design by Capital Garden Products
Maximus Planter in Various Sizes design by Cyan Design Pompon Vase/Planter design by Tozai
Planter on Stand w/ Glass Dome in Lavender Blue design by Sagaform Large Pershing Planter design by Cyan Design


Illuminate your hard work

Wow, do you need a lemonade? Working so hard! And these magazine worthy vignettes you are creating need to be lit up in the spotlight. Or in low light. Or dimmable light. Or…

Burke Décor often looks to Barbara Cosgrove [ ]for their incredible range of lighting choices. Go ahead and feast your eyes on this array of table and floor lamps, sconces and pendants, chandeliers and flushmounts.

Feeling glam? A glossy chandelier that would work in a number of venues and wouldn’t overpower any other décor you already have going on:

Earthy but chic? The Elk Antler lamp is such a fresh take on the antler trend it avoids all cliché:

Retro but clean? Square Glass lamps are so versatile, it would be hard to not find a place for these:

Butch and polished? Oh Horn Sconces, you transport us to a different era of lamp lit libraries and smoking lounges:

Classic with a twist? The Twist Lamp in Celadon has a glimmer in its eye that makes you look twice:

Modern and minimal? The Monolith Lamp in Black is on that:


And one more thing you can’t live without

So just in case your space that you are designing for still doesn’t feel as show-stoppingly magazine worthy as it might, here are Umbrella Stands by Yamazaki that we can’t not share with you. And now you can never unsee these beautiful creatures:

Yamazaki brings thought and creativity to everyday items through design inspired by life in Japan. Life in Japan, and any city, leaves residents short on space. Yamazaki products are decorative and functional. Organization, storage, and saving space are the points of focus in all of Yamazaki's design.

We heard the photo shoot is at 11 tomorrow!

And now you are more than ready…



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