Creating an indoor plant wall or utilizing planters to transform your wall into a lush, living and vibrant space is the newest craze that has everyone ooh-ing and aah-ing all over Instagram and Pinterest these days. But bringing the outdoors inside does have some challenges and plant care and maintenance is not for everyone, or every space. But fear not, Burke Décor has some super fab and practical options so that you can achieve this verdant look at home without watching a hundred videos online. A wall planter is a perfect way to bring some green life into your environment, and working vertically insures that you have plenty of places upon which to set down your book or glass.

 burke decor Orbea Zinc Planters by Roost Burke Decor Cubist Shelf
Wally Three Woolly Pocket Capital Gardens Window Box Planter


How to plan out your wall transformation:

Once you’ve figured out the light and space you have to work with, you’ll want to curate your plants the way you’d curate a wall of artworks or a shelf of art, personal objects and books. Think about different textures, shapes, colors (well, maybe not too many colors – a little editing is always useful) and sizes. Different heights and widths will add intrigue and depth, and some contrasting shades (a greyish green next to an orange, say) will add to the beauty of your planters. Here are some tips that most experts agree on when you are selecting plants:

  • Select varieties from the following categories: Spill, Thrill, and Fill 
  • Use “Spill” plants to drape down as a frame.
  • Next, add “Thrill” plants as focal points and to create a dynamic visual composition.
  • Finally, use the “Fill” plants to fill in between the other plants. Use big, full plants!

Let’s talk about plants, baby

Plants are living organisms. They require light, water, air and nutrients to survive. We don’t all have outdoor spaces that are conducive to gardening, and many of us have limited indoor space, light or surfaces to set up our gardens indoors. Before you set up your wall planters, consider what you are able to provide in terms of these requirements. We are not judging if you are not up for the challenge and we have a great solution – air plants and succulents!

Air plants and succulents are the best choices for indoor plant walls, unless you are going to use a Wooly Pocket, which makes it a snap to bring in some lusher options. But we will get to Woolly Pockets in a bit – they are so great that get their own section.

Right now let’s talk about plants. Air plants and succulents are plants that are already used to hanging out vertically, and are super low maintenance so they make an ideal choice for an indoor plant wall. They are like your friend you are supposed to meet for a drink and when you text them to confirm, they just write back: “I’m happy with whatever. You pick place and time. Can’t wait to hang. J” And you’re thinking, “Why can’t everyone be this easy?”

Simply Succulents

For succulents, try the Sempervivum and Echeveria families – there are many different colorful options, and these rosette forming varieties work well in small spaces. Aeonium grows a little taller, and so is nice for mixing up the height of the plants in your wall planters. Crassula is the genum that Jade plants are a part of, but there’s many more options as well. Aloe is lovely and also a great healing plant to have around the house. Kalanchoe has a nice red edge to its leaves, Sedum is wonderful for spilling or trailing out of containers and Graptopetalum adds a great weight and body to an arrangement of plants.

The Orbea Zinc Planters by Roost are perfect in every way and would suit some water-wise succulents just fine. They come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, so that filling up the space on your wall with an interesting variety is a cinch. The Full Circle Wall Planters are available in four sizes, and the Half Circle Wall Planters are available in Large and Extra Large. Tabletop Planters in matching galvanized iron with an aged zinc finish are available in Medium and Large. 

orbea zinc planter

The Cubist Shelf by Umbra gives you a spot for your plant and your stuff! We love this Jade plant pictured, but if you wanted to use this shelf in your kitchen, you could even plant some Aloe in the pot, and put a couple of favorite cookbooks or magazines on the shelf. Brilliant and handy. We could see these looking great with a mix of other wall planters as well if you want to create an artfully staggered plant wall with a variety of scales, sizes and finishes.

Cubist Shelf by Umbra


Air Plants, Air Plants Everywhere

Use hanging planters to create a living wall in your home with air plants in these stunning modern pieces.

Air plants , or Tillandsia, are naturally water wise and make interesting shapes in striking colors. They look like dramatic sculptures on their own, or clump them together with other air plants to make a more variegated family portrait. Many will flower from late winter to mid-summer, if given the proper conditions. Some air plants prefer to be dry and in bright light, while some will thrive better in high humidity, so best to check the label on your plant.

These Geo Hanging Terrariums by Roost come in clean double pyramid shapes made from clear glass panels with a slim black iron edge and hang from delicate, blackened metal chains. The Open Diamond terrariums are open on top; the other versions have alternating clear panels that catch the light as the terrariums turn.

Geo Terrarium


These beautiful Plant Hangers by Ferm Living work for any kind of plant, not just air plants. They come in two sizes and are made of stoneware with a natural rope suspension, for a retro feel. However, the clean geometric shapes make them perfect for a modern home.

Hanging Planter by Ferm Living


Other Bright [Green] Ideas

Burke Décor has lots and lots of ideas for how to bring some plant life to your life.

Wall mounted

These wall mounted plant holders by Ferm Living are available in different colors and their clean lines would be well suited in almost any room, any design aesthetic. Use a bunch of them together to create your plant wall.

 Wall Plant Hanger by Ferm Living 


Feet on the floor

Also by Ferm Living are these fabulous plant boxes that are a fantastic way to gather your plants together but relieve you of having to do any hanging or making holes in the walls or ceilings. Their plant boxes can be used all over the house or as a divider to create cosy corners in larger rooms. They’re suitable for flowers, plants, books, toys and magazine – or maybe a little of each. Style them with delicate flowers in fine vases or try green plants in chunky clay pots and watch how the contrasts between the design and the added elements play. 

Plant Box by Ferm Living

Woolly Pockets

We promised we’d come back to the Woolly Pockets!

 Deep Meadow design by Woolly Pocket Lana Design by Woolly Pocket Woolly Pocket
Woolly Pocket Tina Wally One by Woolly Pocket Woolly Pocket

Woolly Pockets are an amazingly well engineered and designed way to create a garden inside and out. They are modular, made of recycled materials in the USA and are a cozy home your plants will thrive in. These are three of the Woolly Pocket models – a wall mounted model, a longer windowsill style planter, and a tabletop planter.

Wally Three

Modular Wall System Wally Three's come in three different colors and for either indoor or outdoor applications. Easy to use and maintain, they are a fabulous way to add some life to any part of your home. We are totally in love with this idea and this product. Create an instantly lush vertical garden and experience the magical fun of plants in any environment. 

Wally three woolly pocket



Put roots down and create a nurturing home for a family of plants with Meadow. Great for the budding urban farmer or flower aficionado. Your plants will feel right at home by the window, in the kitchen stuffed with herbs or in the bathroom brimming with lilies.

Woolly Pocket



Big enough to nestle a small family of plants, Lana is the perfect Pocket to get creative and plant a fun arrangement.  Create a splish-splash of colorful life in your office, dorm room or yacht!

Some advice from the experts:

Here’s some great advice for the best ways to plant these soft, breathable pockets:

  1. Pick a plant that grows at least 12” tall so that it will hide the felt above
  2. Plan on one to five plants per Pocket, depending on their size and rooting habits. Match plants with similar needs (soil, light, food). 1 gallon, 6” and 8” container sizes are best.
  3. Patience, smaller plants will need time to grow in and larger plants will need to be root-pruned or bare-rooted to fit!

Just because

Because these Cement Architectural Plant Cubes from Vagabond Vintage are just the cutest planters ever.


Keep it fresh

These Herb Pot Trio containers from Sagaform are the ideal way to start your kitchen garden and take your pasta night up a notch.

Burke Decor Herb Pot


Windowsill wonders

The Stainless Steel Fruit Trough from Gus Modern is a wonderfully sleek way to give your plants a home, inside or out.

Stainless Steel Fruit Trough design by Gus Modern

If you want something a bit more decorative, these Window Planters from Capital Gardens are just the ticket. Light weight for moving, cleaning and replanting these reproduction window boxes come in four sizes and are non corrosive, so no staining on walls.

Window Planters


Up and Away

If your plants want to soar, give them this modernist Plant Circle from Ferm Living for climbing up. 

 Ferm Living Plant Wall Circle

We just did the floors!

We aren’t saying you are uptight, but Burke Décor is sometimes a bit, well, strict about what we want to put on our floors and tables without anything underneath (our coaster collection is mighty). So perhaps you want to consider some outdoor rugs for underneath your planters? We have a wide array to choose from.


Accessories are a must

If you must water your plants, best to do it in style, right? How about one of these show-stopping watering cans?

Well Watering Can design by Menu


Swan Porcelain Watering Can design by Seletti


“Living walls” as a concept

If all this talk about plant care has you feeling anxious, let’s just get artsy instead. A living wall is a concept that doesn’t have to be taken literally!

Wall Murals are a great way to bring some of the vibrancy of the outdoors in, without any maintenance at all.

These are some great takes that range from the quirky to the abstract, all from Burke Décor’s extensive collection of wall murals.

The verdant and quirky Artificial Turf Boutique Faux Wallpaper Design by wallpaper maestros Milton & King.

Astro Turf Wallpaper


Delafield Abstract Wall Mural offers a verdant splash of color, by Carl Robinson.

Delafield Abstract Wall Mural design by Carl Robinson


The big leaves of the Monstera Design Wallpaper in Clear Bleu from Milton & King will transport you to another land.


Gorgeous, painterly flowers from the L’Atelier de Paris collection by Seabrook are awash in the colors and textures of the lush life.

Watercolor Floral Wall Mural in Greens and Yellow-Gold from the L'Atelier de Paris collection by Seabrook


Why not make a forest indoors with your lighting?

Forest Light Wall Sconce design by Currey & Company

Let’s really think outside the wall now… Reaching nearly 5 feet tall, the Forest Light wall sconce from Currey & Company is a stunning sculptural piece dripping with quartz crystals. The beautiful Washed Lucerne Gold finish is a perfect complement to the quartz and lends a formal look to the tree-like shape.


So speaking of lighting

We love a glowing and eye catching light near our planters and terrariums. Here are a few we are particularly smitten with from the Burke Décor collection.

Great lines, modern but retro, and always a bit glamorous – the Jonathan Adler collection for Robert Abbey has some excellent choices.

Jonathan Adler Collection Floor Torchiere design by Robert Abbey


This illuminating cube from Gus Modern is just the right companion to sit beside your comfy but modernist chair, as you admire your happily overflowing Wooly Pocket.

Lightbox Floor Lamp design by Gus Modern


The Arpeggio wall sconce from Currey & Company keeps your plant life in a Deco glow that is elegant and sophisticated.

Arpeggio Wall Sconce design by Currey & Company


Or maybe a more rustic and rugged kind of sconce, like the Aspire Wall Sconce from Cyan Design, best suits your design style. This one has a kind of Viking vibe that we are really into.

Aspire Wall Sconce design by Cyan Design

Surface with a purpose

And should you need a nice table on which to put your plants, or your glossy gardening books, might we recommend these stylish console tables?

 Ava Sofa Table in Smoke design by Interlude Home

Mesa Console design by Cyan Design


Let it grow, let it flow…

The best part of making plants a part of your living space is that they bring a dynamic element of color, oxygen and life into your daily routine. Gently pinching off dead leaves while having your coffee in the morning, or nudging at the soil to see if it needs water when you get home at night produces a unique contentment. Burke Décor is thrilled to encourage you to explore and experiment with plants, and then once they find their groove – step back and let them grow.













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