Get the Look: Brooklyn in LA

 How great is this LA home I found while perusing the AD Espana site?  From what I can tell this is the home of a family returning to California after many years in New York. At least that's what i think it says....

In the interest of full disclosure, I feel I should admit that I do not speak Spanish, even though I should. This is a source of much southern Californian embarrassment ... let's move on.

Anyway, I love the mix of dark and light and the mix of New York sophistication with some breezy California attitude. This is a supremely livable house. A little digging and I found it was designed by sheep & stone. We are so impressed with their work we had to take a shot at creating our own look inspired by theirs. We've also created a whole boutique inspired by this gorgeous home (including many of the exact same pieces!).

Check it out.

Image via AD Espana


Our take: