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GET THE LOOK: French Flowerbomb


I was searching for images to pitch a wallpaper mural to a client when I found this image of Delibie's living room:


I followed it to this lovely blog, té Maison, which happens to be in French. Now while my Franglais is impeccable - my French is a little spotty (understatement of the year).  Here's what I have gathered:

This is the home of Pia Pia boutique owner Laurence Delibie, it is an impossible mix of vintage, "kitch," and contemporary design. Her father studied ornithology and she spent her childhood summers among flowers and songbirds.

From what i see in her home, this all checks out.

While it's clear that most of this is vintage, it seemed like a great challenge to try to get this look "on demand." I mean, who doesn't dream of shopping french flea markets and vintage shops finding all these eclectic pieces? But, sometimes, we are so busy and need to just get a jump start and layer in our romantic vintage finds over time, so check out our take on this darling Bourdeaux apartment and
shop the whole look in our curated French Flowerbomb Boutique 


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