Get the Look: Tory Burch's Southampton Solarium

Summer is ending but we couldn't resist this magical solarium. Designer Tory Burch shared her beautiful, traditional home with Vogue back in 2012 and I've saved and pinned this image dozens of times. Layering and well traveled interiors have been in vogue for a while now but this interior really reflects a more traditional take that I have grown to really admire.

When I started out in interior design I was primarily drawn to extremely contemporary interiors but I worked for a firm that created all types of interiors, from understated, traditional country homes, to sleek pied-à-terre's for contemporary art-collecting bachelors. The focus was on creating beautiful, sophisticated interiors that reflected the tastes of the people who actually lived in them rather than putting a specific "stamp" on the home. It was a really important lesson to learn.  When I rediscovered this image, I realized how much I admire the designers who can really be comfortable in all kinds of styles. So in honor of that admiration I thought - Let's get traditional! 

Here's our take on Tory Burch's dynamic, traditional solarium, you can find the whole shopable boutique here (complete with some of my favorite coffee table books


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