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mon petite maison

When we bought our house we knew it needed some major TLC and 3 years later, we are about 60% "there." But, until I look back on pictures I've taken around the house I forget how much changes. My husband and I both tend to rearrange constantly,  we seem to have a penchant for reupholstering, moving and swapping the art every couple weeks, and even moving the grand piano and sofas on a whim. We have a hard time leaving things alone, and right now my re upholstery list has about 10 items on it that I just need to find the fabric (and money) to get started.

I really wish our style was more minimal and modern but with 17 years of our collections (we have chairs and rugs and bells and records we have been dragging around with us since college), a bad thrifting habit, our style is all about layering and trying to make disparate pieces live together in harmony. 

So here is this weeks iteration, this could all change in 2014 ;)



Our newest completed project - the worlds smallest full bathroom!


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