A NYC to LA transition

A good friend of ours recently made the transition from NYC out to LA, and as her first  several months out here consisted of almost constant travel for work, she has had no time to get settled (or get furniture) so we are trying to help her jump start her interior. (As well as indoctrinate her in the intricacies of LA life, like - keep your shopping bags in your car!)

As this is really just a transitional space while she figures out where in LA she wants to land more permanently; the focus is on basic, solid pieces that can find a home in any interior - and finding a coffee table that can double as a shabu shabu table - that's important.

A couple of inspiration images ( from rooms with far more stunning architecture that what we are working with ):


I came up with three variations - from very NYC to very LA ( these designations are all in my mind - I have no logical explanations for this).

I imagine we'll end up with a mix somewhere in the middle. You can check out our pinterest board for this project here: https://www.pinterest.com/burkedecor/alisa-apartment/

Which is your favorite?

The Taranto Shelving Unit design by BD MOD * Hester Table Lamp design by Currey & Company * Malibu Photo Print * Elin Coffee Table design by BD MOD * Zoltar Table Lamp design by Robert Abbey * Adam Arm Chair in Black design by Bungalow 5 * The Borghild Lounge Chair design by BD MOD * Long Wool Natural Shaped 2ftx3ft Rug in Ivory design by BowronNash Mirror design by Currey & Company * Auma Occasional Table in Ebony design by Interlude Home * Lunar 100% Viscose Area Rug in Obsidian design by Calvin Klein Home


The Geleen Lounge Chair  * Rico Espinet Collection Floor Lamp  * Aspen Coffee Table  * Argo Rectangular Drink Table  * Venturi Table Lamp  * Furano Side Table in Zinc  * Neighborhood 2 Photo Print

(i'm kind of obsessed with this Charcoal Jute Rug. Something about dark jute feels so chic and modern )

Cali casual and cool.... 

Crane Table Lamp  * Naturals Tobago Rug in Seedpearl & Timber Wolf  * Graham Table Lamp  *Bamboo Nesting Tables Set of 3 Farsund Cocktail Table  * Alvilda Bar Chest * Round Hanging Mirror  * Oak Arm Chair * Long Wool Natural Shaped 2ftx3ft Rug in Ivory  * Trinity 2 Photo Print

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