New Kitchen, New Essentials. #flashkitchenremodel

I am mid-way through our kitchen remodel and already thinking about accessories... or, ermm, utensils. Well, actually, let's call them essentials. YES ESSENTIALS. Because I NEED these things. right? right.

If you have any interest in following along with our kitchen remodel I am posting on our instagram with the hash tag #flashkitchenmodel. What I am not posting is pictures of the pitiful microwave only meals we are eating and the utter chaos that comes from having no kitchen and a 5 year old and an 8 month old with voracious appetites. This chaos, however, is inspiring a new commitment to clean cooking and eating.

But I digress.

Once this kitchen is complete I plan to step up my game w/r/t cooking and cleaning. Since we chose marble countertops I know that they will require a bit more maintenance and vigilance than we were previously exercising with our 50 year old faded and cracked linoleum countertops. I also have been trying really hard to reduce the plastic in out life so I want to move away from tupperware to glass and stoneware storage containers.  These are just a few of the things I've been thinking about as I have been putting together my wishlist of Kitchen ESSENTIALS.

So without further ado...

These are the material/ fixtures in the new kitchen. (as of now - things may change next week like the marble and the light fixture). Glossy white ikea cabinets, soild brass knobs and pulls, stainless appliances and mountain calacutta marble counter tops and backsplashes.


and my wish list:



Ferm Living House 3 cutting board  (I already have this!)

Menu Marble Clock

Sagaform Duo Herb pot  - we always buy potted herbs and try to keep them in the kitchen in the ugly black plastic planters they come in. From now on I want fresh basil and mint growing in this sweet little pot.

Bridges Tea Towel

Kitchen Mitt

Shibori Napkins

Brass Measurement Spoons glam. 'nuff said.

Oak and Stainless Steel Cheese Grater

New Norm Dinnerware - I want this whole line. plate that can also be lids for the bowls are a dream come true. I hate washing extra dishes and it drive me crazy to cook in one dish, serve in another then put it all back into so storage just to get left overs out and serve again on a different plate. This way when my 5 year old decides half through his pasta that he doesn't want it any more I can just put a plate on top of the bowl and put it in the fridge until a n hour later when he is hungry again.

Lines Pitcher

Porcelain Spoon Rest

Mind your Manners Tea Towel because my 5 year old is learning to read and he can use practice - and he constantly needs to be reminded about his manners.

Measures Tea Towel so much easier than googling.

 Bottle Grinder

Semicircle Brass Stand

Cork Coaster

Bottle Coaster

Oak Mug Coasters

What's on your kitchen essentials wish list? What am I missing?