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Whether you are looking for a room-sized rug or one that can define a large portion of a great room, you will want to consider 10 x 13 rugs as an ideal solution. Designed to fit entire sets of furniture in the bedroom, living room or dining room, they are a fantastic way to also improve the looks of outdated wall to wall carpeting or flooring that does not work well with the décor. At Burke Décor, shoppers have a huge gallery of rugs in this size, with more than two hundred choices available. Though the styles and designs are updated often to keep up with the latest trends, there will always be many workable solutions to home or commercial design needs.

One of the most important things to consider when you select 10 x 13 rugs is their enormous size. This means that the colors or patterns chosen will really have a strong effect, and so you may want to select from the Burke Décor collections based primarily on the dominant color or hue required. You can sort or filter by almost any shade, including the multi-colored options. This is the perfect starting point, but just like rugs of all other sizes, the 10 x 13 rugs come in a multitude of materials and styles.

It is a good idea to also understand the implications of certain materials in rugs so large. The Burke Décor gallery will include natural fiber and even silk rugs as well as synthetics. Because it is quite likely that large areas of the rugs may be covered by furnishings, it is important to understand if this will have any effect on the materials. The style is also something to consider. Are you looking for 10 x 13 rugs in modern and contemporary designs or are you thinking of something with a far more traditional or even eclectic look? Fortunately, the Burke Décor array of options will give you ample opportunity to select from these different design styles.

If you are unsure about these aspects of your rug selection, you can also just look at the most recent best sellers. This will let you see just what is trending, what others are doing with these oversized rugs and how you can best mix patterns or styles. With so many options, it is easier than ever to create an effective decorating plan that incorporates stylish and appealing flooring as well as furnishing, lighting and décor.

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