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10 x 13 Rugs

Do you need a room-sized rug to give your space luxurious definition? The 10 x 13 rug from Burke Décor is an ideal solution for many spaces. These are rugs designed to fit under bedroom furniture and still be visible enough to create instant style. Use them to define your desk area at work, to create a stunning walkway at the entrance of a building, or simply to add a splash of style to any area. Enhance the appearance of outdated carpeting or scratched floors with a large rug that fits your décor scheme. Burke Décor offers rugs from designers such as BD Fine, Safavieh, Surya, Nourison, and Calvin Klein.

One of the most important things to consider when you select 10 x 13 rugs is their enormous size. This means that the colors or patterns chosen will really have a strong effect, and so you may want to select from the Burke Décor collections based primarily on the dominant color or hue required. You can sort or filter by almost any shade, including the many multi-colored options. This is the perfect starting point, but just like rugs of all other sizes, the 10 x 13 rugs come in a multitude of materials and styles. Search for rugs in natural fibers or silk to create the perfect tone in your space.

You can also refine your search by style to ensure that you find the rug that works for your space. Are you looking for 10 x 13 rugs in modern and contemporary designs or are you thinking of something with a far more traditional or even eclectic look? Burke Décor’s array of options will give you ample options for many different styles. With so many options, it is easier than ever to create an effective decorating plan that incorporates stylish and appealing flooring. The best part about rugs this size is that you can instantly change an entire space just by changing the rug.

Burke Décor offers free shipping on all orders over $50 within the continental U.S. You can refine your search by price point as well, and stretch your style dollars to make them count. Get all your questions answered in the instant chat feature right on the Burke Décor website, so that you can be sure you are buying with confidence. Don’t forget to check the recommended pairings from Burke Décor editors, where you can see other products to help pull your space together.