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16" x 16" Throw Pillows

Throw pillows add color to your furniture. It is a great way to compliment any sofa or accent chair. At Burkedecor.com you will find countless choices of pillows in different shapes and styles. We assure that you will find the perfect throw pillow that matches your couch. Whether you are shopping for pillows bedroom or living room, you will find the best color. It can also be a fabulous decoration material. It's time to pop your room with the colorful throw pillows.

Throw Pillow Online

Matching the perfect pillow to your living room or bedroom requires an understanding of style and personal choice. Knowing what style you like, can be found in various home décor magazines. At Burkedecor.com you will find all types of throw pillows. You can bring style at home inspired from others or create something new. Before buying it, you need to be sure of the purpose of it. Is it to decorate the space or for personal comfort. It can also be a balance of both comfort and style. The silk and embroidered throw pillows are mostly to give a decorative touch to the couch. However, finding the right pillow is very easy with our filter options.

Selecting the right color is crucial not to overlap the current look. Throw pillows are available various patterns and colors. Although, mix and match are also in fashion these days. Also before buying, you need to be sure of the size of the sofa or accent chair as well as the size of the room.

Decorating a room using throw pillows is a great way to lighten up your room. Decorating bed using throw pillows also is a trend. Pillows for bed inclined to be bold in color and style then couch pillows. Although they are a decoration piece for bed, some may use it for personal comfort.

You put on the side or keep away when sleeping, hence the name throw pillows. They lack in functionality as they are rarely comfortable. However, they make up as a great decorating piece. With just a few pillows you can add flair to the bedroom design.

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Buying pillow online is made easier at Burkedecor.com with numerous choices at one place. Purchasing online has many benefits over buying in person. You will have more choices at one place which makes shopping easy, time-saving and cost effective. Our brands include Elise Flashman, Fern Living, Lorena Gaxiola, Thomas Paul, and Sunbrella. We at Burkedecor.com aim to make your shopping experience as fun and easy as possible. Our goal is that you find the best pillow that matches your requirement. We offer a separate filter for the pillows on sale. Click on 50% off filter to find a great pillow in your budget.

How to choose the right pillow?

Although throw pillows are commonly used for decorating sofas, it is at times used for comfort as well. Therefore, it is very important to find the perfect pillow to avoid back pains and constant headaches. To choose the right pillow, check the material that suits you, the size of the pillow and the type that gives you comfort in sleep.

Throw pillows add a feeling of warmth to the room while adding style to your room. You can also find our huge range of covers for the same. Pillows portray a lot about your personality. We guarantee that our collection of throw pillows will inspire you. We ship for free to 48 contiguous states on order above $50.