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When home or professional decorators think of rugs, the most common image that springs to mind is a larger rug that might cover an expanse of space or around which an area is defined. They might also envision runner rugs in long halls or rounded rugs that work the same as larger counterparts. However, there are also the much smaller area rugs, including 2 x 3 rugs. While you may not immediately recognize the many uses for rugs of this size, you should give them some consideration if decorating or re-decorating. After all, they can add wonderful bursts of color, pattern or texture as well as providing padded spaces alongside beds, counters and other areas. Burke Décor has thousands of rugs in this size, and you will want to peruse the current gallery if looking to spruce up any space.

The 2 x 3 rugs from Burke Décor present a wealth of design opportunities because they can so easily create colorful focal points. Available in a dazzling array of hues, prints and combinations, they can be used anywhere you wish to create a bit of brightness or even as a distraction away from a darker area. Because they have so many uses, and because there are so many from which to choose, you may want to narrow down the search by filtering the gallery based on the primary color of the 2 x 3 rugs you require.

Once that is done, you will still have an overabundance of options, so you can also use the Burke Décor gallery filters to sort options by the materials or styles. For instance, a huge design trend is ikat. This wonderful weaving technique appears in textiles and rugs, and if you wish to inject a bit of this wonderful print or pattern, there are many 2 x 3 rugs to choose from. You might also choose from the animal prints, Bohemian styles, chevron prints, contemporary designs or patterns, floral prints or patterns, children’s rugs, modern designs and so many others.

The Burke Décor options in smaller rugs also include those made from braided materials, in flat weaves and a long list of natural materials such as silks, jute, leather, sisal and more. Of course, you may find that this size is perfect for the porch or patio and there are even outdoor rugs in an array of styles and colors from which you can choose.

Our decorative and functional 2 x 3 rugs are filled with stunning colors, impressive patterns and fun shapes and prints. Whether you are adding color to a kid’s room, or you are looking for the perfect smaller size rug in any other space, this collection is sure to have something that fits your décor.

Shop 1000's of styles of 2 x 3' rugs for the home or workplace. Great styles from leading rug designers. Burke Decor carries designer rugs by Nuloom Carpets, Surya Rugs, BD Fine, Chandra Rugs, Nourison Rugs, Calvin Klein rugs and more. Free shipping on orders over $50 with delivery to the 48 US States.