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Large spaces require a special touch when it comes to decorating, and our stunning patterns, intricate geometrics, gorgeous florals and a dazzling array of colors deliver just that. Discover our 8 x 10 rugs and add utility and unbeatable beauty to modern, contemporary, mid-century or any other décor. Whether you want an accent or an entirely new look, you’ll find it right here. 

Do you know any of the design rules or guidelines about the use of larger area rugs? If not, don't worry because there aren't any hard or fast rules to follow. Instead, there are only helpful tips that can allow you to get the most out of the use of rugs in meeting your design goals. One group of area rugs with many uses are the 8 x 10 rugs that can easily take up most of a smaller room or define a specific area within a large or open floor planned space. At Burke Décor, there are thousands of rugs in this size available, with a gallery of options updated on a regular basis to ensure you have the best array of designs from which to choose.

Now, using 8 x 10 rugs can mean many things. For example, many dining rooms are designed around that size rug, with the furniture all fitting nicely on this island of color or texture. Living rooms or entertainment spaces might also use this size rug, with one long edge resting against a wall and the rug jutting out into the room to frame a gathering area or TV snug. If you are visiting Burke Décor to find a rug of this size, you have the entire gallery from which to choose, but that can mean several thousand options.

This is why we recommend you search the 8 x 10 rugs with the handy filtering options available. For instance, you might begin by filtering the available rugs by dominant color. If this is something you already know, you can just check the colors that apply and quickly scan the current Burke Décor selection. There is a rainbow assortment of hues along with multi-colored rugs. Maybe you also know the general style or materials you wish to have beneath your feet? The 8 x 10 rugs can be sorted according to these criteria as well.

Are you looking for something a bit on the Bohemian side? Maybe you want a floral print, a kids’ rug, or a modern design? There are nautical themed rugs, paisleys, stripes, and more. There are also materials like jute, hemp, natural fibers, silks, sisal and many synthetics. With these basic concepts, you can quickly find the ideal rugs, or you can look at the best sellers in the Burke Décor gallery to see what others may also have chosen for their homes or offices.

Burke Decor features 1000's of rugs by high-quality rug manufacturers from all over the world. Perfect for your rug sourcing needs, our extensive collection of rugs come in a variety of textures and materials. Shop jute rugs, wool rugs, natural fiber rugs, leather rugs, silk rugs, cotton rugs and more.  Free shipping on orders over $50 with delivery to the 48 US States.