Inda Ribbon Ceramic Cordless Outdoor LED Table Lamp in Various Colors & Shades by BD Outdoor

SKU: 308LT002P2BP

The INDA Cordless Outdoor Lighting Collection: A brand new approach to lighting (in or outdoors) from Seasonal Living. 

Our new outdoor cordless lamps are marvels of gorgeous, forward-thinking design. Crafted to cast a warm golden glow over moonlit terraces and twilight garden parties, INDA Cordless lamps are also the perfect solution for interior designers (and end users) frustrated by a lack of electrical power points. Place a handsome table or floor lamp anywhere you like? That dream is now a reality. Imagine: an affordable indoor/outdoor lighting solution that is stylish, operable in wet and damp conditions, a cinch to move wherever illumination is required and child’s play to use and maintain. INDA allows you to set the mood whenever and however you like.

Designer Louis A. Lara turned to LED technology to solve a number of outdoor lighting issues, such as trailing, unsightly electrical cords, insufficient power sources, and weak light provided by solar-powered bulbs. INDA’s warm white LED lights are easily transferred from lamp base to charging plate and back again, where a fully charged light will radiate for over seven full hours.

Select bases of handmade, high-fired ceramic in gorgeous jewel tones, or low luster, Venetian plaster smooth lightweight concrete (comprising Portland cement, sand, crushed granite, natural spring-fed water and fibrous ramie). Both materials imbue INDA’s Cordless table and floor lamp bases with ease of mobility and enough heft to ward off wind gusts. The soft white UV-inhibited Polyethylene lamp shade (perfect for sunny locations) is supported by silvery anodized aluminum frames that fit snugly into the lamp’s architecture creating glints of reflective light.

Lara designed the floor lamp with seating in mind, placing the light at just the right height to complement the scale of the furniture, thus creating atmosphere and illumination precisely where you want it. Future incarnations of the INDA collection will include other materials that reflect Seasonal Living’s signature palette, expanding the range of mix and match design possibilities for indoor and outdoor living spaces.

  • Handmade glazed ceramic base, 3-panel UV-resistant polypropylene shade with anodized aluminum frame
  • Sizes and weights of these handmade items may vary
  • Ships in 1 crate and 1 carton box and requires simple assembly
  • Includes warm white LED rechargeable light with locking base, charging base and cord
  • Optional accessories available including individual light modules, additional light/charger sets and a 6-pack multi charger
  • USA and international patents pending
  • To add weight to your INDA lamp, use a funnel and add sand to inside base of lamp before assembling lamp shade. Move lamp to protected location in strong winds.
  • These items are handmade, so dimensional information is approximate; please notify us at time of order if you have specific size requirements. We reserve the right (at any time) to change, modify or alter any part of this product including but not limited to the glaze in order to improve overall quality. Our handmade ceramic products can be adapted and refined according to the different shapes and dimensions available. Each product is a unique handmade item, as such you should expect variations in glaze finishes. Glazes may show irregularity in the colors and the surface as a result of the handmade work. Surfaces cannot be perfect (read more about this collection in the “About Our Ceramics” section or contact customer service for a copy of this document). Pictures, ceramic samples and descriptions are purely indicative. Protect all ceramic items, especially matte finished items, from severe freezing conditions.
  • Dimensions: 23.5H x 16Dia
  • Weight: 14lb
  • Ship Weight: 20lb 



                                        It is strongly recommended to use a high quality breathable furniture covers.



                                                                  You are required to inspect your items when you take delivery of them. If the
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                                                                  HOW TO CARE FOR CERAMIC PRODUCTS
                                                                  CLEANING & PRODUCT CARE
                                                                  • We recommend regular rinsing or wiping off dirt and debris. This will help to keep your ceramic products clean and looking perfect 
                                                                  • Never use hard power washing pressure or spraying devices as this could weaken the glaze surface and or break the glaze off the ceramic base 
                                                                  • Use clean cool water to rinse ceramic glazed product 
                                                                  • Use a soft, non abrasive, clean cloth to wipe off excess dirt or debris 
                                                                  • If necessary, apply small amounts of dish washing soap to the clean cloth to wipe over the ceramic surface and then rinse with cool, clean water and allow the product to dry naturally. 
                                                                  STORAGE / PROTECTION FROM WINTER/FREEZING CONDITIONS 
                                                                  • Never allow water or any other liquid to build up in or on top of any ceramic receptacle, failure to follow this, may result in your ceramic merchandise cracking, breaking chunks of ceramic or shattering due to the liquid or moisture freezing and expanding causing cracking / breakage 
                                                                  • We recommend that during extreme freeze conditions, that you cover and protect the ceramic merchandise with a waterproof tarp or furniture cover. Ideal covers include moisture proof barriers which prevent plastic covers freezing to the ceramic glaze. 
                                                                  • We also recommend that for some of our ceramic furniture items that the merchandise is raised off the ground a couple of inches (make sure furniture is stable and not easy to fall) to permit air flow and avoid thermal shock 
                                                                  • Whenever possible, we recommend that during Winter periods especially in locations with prolonged Winter periods that the furniture is stored in sheltered locations away from moisture and extreme freezing temperatures.


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                                                                      Designer: BD OUTDOOR
                                                                      Product Type: Table Lamp
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