Bungalow 5

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Bungalow 5

If your style leans towards contemporary, architectural lines and modern neutrals like grey and white, Bungalow 5 is the perfect line of home furnishings and décor for your space. Burke Décor features selected pieces from this beautiful line of modern home décor, which could easily fit into any designer loft, Fortune 500 company office, or other elegant spaces. With a minimalist appeal that allows the beauty of functional design to shine through, Bungalow 5’s team of architects and designers create something for all lovers of contemporary fashions.

Furnishings such as side tables, chairs, storage bins, waste baskets, desks, and more give your space a zen-like appeal thanks to simple lines and easy color palettes. Choose natural woods, white, charcoal grey, or occasional pops of turquoise to give your space a mostly minimalist look with just enough color to keep things lively. Circular drawer pulls help break up the otherwise blocky furnishings, while slim chair legs and arms keep everything from becoming too heavy.

Bungalow 5 also creates beautiful accent pieces that can give your space an artistic flair. A golden horse statue done in an airy, open style adds a whimsical touch to your mantel or desk, while matching square jars in bold navy or jade mosaic patterns on white offer a richness that isn’t often found in contemporary spaces. Unique pieces such as toile tissue boxes in black and white, or horse-head bookend in antique bronze, can add a touch of your own signature style to your otherwise clean and modern space.

When you choose a piece by Bungalow 5, be sure to check out the recommended pairing, showing precisely how you can combine pieces from this line to create a streamlined atmosphere. Burke Décor’s featured lines are always crafted of the highest quality materials and are produced with a careful eye for detail, to ensure that you are adding luxury and value to your space. All orders over $50 ship for free in the lower 48 states, so this is the perfect time to buy gifts or transform your own space. Browse Burke Décor’s selection of contemporary Bungalow 5 products to discover all the elements you need to makeover your space.