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Mistletoe Wall Chart

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Moss Wall Chart

$180.00 $225.00

Mushroom 2 Wall Chart

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Mushroom Wall Chart

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Pine Wall Chart

$180.00 $225.00

Rye Wall Chart

$180.00 $225.00
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Featuring creations from interior designers such as Empirical Style and Brewster Home Fashions, this collection of decorative wall charts and maps from Burke Décor is a unique way to add visual interest to any space. Not only do these wall charts add color and design to your space, but they also add texture in a way that art hangings or photographs simply can’t duplicate. Give your space an academic, studious feel with scientific drawings of nature, or use Burke Décor’s collection of wall charts and maps to create a focal point that is sure to wow.

If you are looking for a bold addition to your room, consider a wall chart featuring bright flowers or detailed studies of insects against black. Neutral designs featuring lighter colors on cream are perfect for a contemporary space. Turn a curious child’s room into a scientist’s lab with charts depicting the hidden world of a honeycomb or the inner workings of starfish. Elegant designs featuring fungi in various stages of life are perfect for adding natural design to a corner reading nook, or create a thematic feel in your office. These wall hangings are printed on linen-backed paper, and are hung from wooden rods at both the top and bottom.

Maps are a classic wall décor item, and Burke Décor’s collection of wall maps are perfect for putting your wanderlust on display. Add pins to remind yourself where you’ve been, or use the beautifully colored maps to help you daydream about the places you’d like to go. Choose a flat world map design, perfect for educational purposes, or a stylish curved design that creates a panoramic effect that is perfect for a fun, eclectic space. Need help pairing wall charts for a unique design element in your space? Check out the recommended pairing on each product page.

All orders over $50 ship for free to the lower 48 states. Burke Décor is always adding new items to this collection of decorative wall charts and maps. Refresh your classroom or office every season, or use all your favorites to create a home that is filled with intellectual charm. Perfect for everything from libraries to bedrooms, these wall charts and maps can easily become a part of your style. Whether you love the traditional or your tastes run towards the whimsical, there is plenty to love in this collection by Burke Décor.

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