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Cotton Area Rugs 

Rugs are one of the stylish additions to any room that not only provide comfort but also enhance the beauty of the room. Cotton rugs at Burke Decor are available in many styles, patterns, color, and brands like Surya, Jaipur,Dash and Albert . They might be the thing to uplift the appearance or complete the look of the room. A right style rug can complement the other decor of the room. With our huge collection of designer yet very affordable rugs you surely are to find the perfect one for your floor. Buying cotton rugs has never been easy at the comfort of your home.

Cotton Rugs vs Wool Rugs

There are various types of rugs that differ in material and size. The why choose a cotton rug? Cotton has been in use for centuries be it for rugs, clothes or other uses. Cotton is very soft which is a natural fiber and is a renewable resource. Cotton carpets are not just utilized as carpets but also as runner and accent rugs. They are the perfect floor covering as their smoothness is ideal for kids, they are easy to clean and they look exquisite. Many believe wool to be smoother than cotton, however, it is incorrect. Cotton is smoother and softer underfoot although it is not as thick as wool. They are the perfect alternative for people who find wool to be scratchy. Other benefits of using cotton are it is suitable thought out the year. Wool rugs can feel warm during summers, whereas cotton does not absorb as much heat as wool. Cotton rugs are easy to store in case you choose to keep your floors without any coverings. You can have a full designed and versatile decor for all seasons.

Buy Cotton Rugs Online

In addition to cotton, rugs are healthier than the synthetic ones as they do not give burns. They are very comfortable to place feet on or walk on it. It is preferable to purchase cotton rugs for people who suffer from allergies, as cotton is breathable and won't trap dust. They are a great way to transform home with a more fresher and cleaner look. Replacing synthetic with all natural is the way to go. Rugs cover a majority part of the floor, therefore, it is better to prefer cotton ones to avoid foul odors. Natural fibers breathe while synthetic do not make them breeding place for mites.

If you are planning to redecorate your home space or a single room, a rug is a fantastic way to enhance your room. These rugs are very durable which can be put in high foot traffic places. They can unify well with all accessories in the room. When decorating a room from scratch you can start with rug choosing the color and design, then work up with a way to style rest of the room. You can replicate designs and shapes that all blend well together. They are the perfect way to highlight other accessories of your room.

Why Choose BurkeDecor for Cotton Rugs?

Cotton rugs at Burke Decor come in various sizes, colors, and design. You can choose using our filters that make your shopping fun and easy. Cotton can be treated easily giving it a finished product look with bold colors and designs. You can select multicolored rugs or single print ones that are best for your room decor. It is very necessary to that the rug balances the color and style of the pre-existing decor. Multicolored cotton carpets make it very easy to blend in with your decor.

Also before purchasing a rug, it is necessary to find the right size that is suitable for space. Firstly see where would you like to place the carpet near the sofa or the bed. Before deciding on the style it is key to determine the size. They are the ideal choice as they are very easy to care and clean. Once vacuumed it will be in excellent condition, good as new. They are thinner than wool making them easy to store. You can fold and bend to store for anytime. We ship free on orders above $50 to 48 contiguous states.