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Does your space lack that special touch that makes it truly unique? Do you love surprising décor that no one else has? Burke Décor’s collection of vintage wall charts is just the accent you’ve been looking for. These bold wall hangings, done in rich colors and beautiful artistic style, feature school-like charts of wildlife and plants that can complement a variety of eclectic styles. Printed on linen-backed paper, these items are quality wall hangings that will last, and include wooden rods at the tops and bottoms to keep the chart hanging flat.

Zoological prints such as seals, rabbits, starfish, and arachnids, show the creature in its native habitat, followed by a series of drawings showing different angles and elements. Finally, in-depth drawings show the skeletal or muscular structure of the creature, and other dissected elements to give the viewer a personal look at how these amazing creatures move and live. Color palettes in rich gold, reds, browns, teals, and blacks make these wall hangings stand out in a neutral space, or offer beautiful color in a room filled with bold walls.

Botanical prints featuring fruits, flowering plants, fungi, trees, and more, show each element of the plant in careful detail. The inner workings of stalks and trunks reveal how delicate and ingenious plant structure can be, while a look at root systems and seed pods reveal a surprising strength. Just like the zoological prints, these wall hangings are crafted in gorgeous colors, and feature an image of the plant in its natural habitat as well. Hang a vintage wall chart over your desk for an intriguing way to keep yourself on task while studying, or in an entry way, to offer your guests something totally unique to remember your space by.

All of Burke Décor’s products are made of high quality materials, and all orders over $50 ship free in the lower 48 states. These hangings include a cloth tie for hanging, and are produced by a European printer in the business since 1950. Browse this collection of vintage, educational wall charts to discover how easy it can be to give your space a one-of-a-kind accent.