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Are you familiar with the term ikat? It is a rather ancient technique used by rug makers and it involves the use of a resist dyeing technique applied to the yarns in the loom prior to beginning the actual weaving process. It is quite complex and yields entirely unique and utterly beautiful patterns. It is why Burke Décor has an entire gallery of ikat rugs available. Easily one of the most eye-catching of all styles, the rugs in this collection is meant to serve as focal points and works of art. Choose them based on the overall color scheme or accent hues in your décor and you will instantly add a lot of "wow" to any room.

It is important to keep in mind that ikat rugs can be found in just two shades or in a blend of hues. They can add a modern edge to any space, or they can infuse a room with a globally inspired atmosphere. This depends entirely upon the colors and the ways that the rugs are used in any space. Of course, this Burke Décor gallery makes it easier than ever for a shopper to seek the perfect ikat rugs for their setting. You might look only for the main colors you wish to see in the space. Rugs might be black and white or as bold as mustard yellow and deep red.

You can also sort by the most popular or best-selling rugs, and though the Burke Décor collection of rugs has new choices added daily, you can benefit by taking a look at just what is trending. Keep in mind too that many rugs are dense and plush while others are flat and densely woven, and this is true of ikat styled rugs as well.

Some of the most popular Ikat rugs from Burke Décor include polychromatic options in grey and cream or black and white. However, there are also those globally inspired designs, like the NuLoom rugs in orange, violet and green or fuchsia, burgundy, and mustard. There are also some indoor-outdoor options in this popular print, and these can be found in the same bold palettes, including a turquoise, sand and white design from NuLoom. Whether you go with a high quality, hand tufted version or a low pile indoor-outdoor selection, you just cannot go wrong with the colors, beauty and uniqueness that is the hallmark of any rug created using the ikat weaving style.