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Interlude Home

Interlude Home’s selection of accent pieces and furniture on Burke Décor can be described as minimalist, contemporary, designs with a focus on natural elements and masculine sensibility. There’s a heft to all these pieces that make them seem elegant despite their simplicity, due to Interlude Home’s use of natural materials such as marble, petrified wood, and solid acrylic. Burke Décor’s selection of Interlude Home pieces has a huge variety of items to create exactly the right contemporary space.

Curios such as marble sphere sculptures or petrified wood sculptures offer finishing touches for rooms that need just a hint of visual interest. Some of these items also offer useful functionality, such as the Cascades Onyx Bookends, or any of the many Interlude Home marble candy dishes. Use these on your desk to contain paperclips or other small items, keep one by the door for keys, or display on a side table for its intended purpose. Interlude Home also creates seating, lamps, rugs, sconces, and other purely functional elements for your space that feature the same recognizable style notes. Contemporary lines, natural materials, and simple neutral colors are a part of all of Interlude Home’s designs in the Burke Décor collection.

Interlude Home also creates items such as the Olive Gray Marble Vase, a solid accent piece that gives your flowers a grounded feeling in your space. Suri Gray Round Boxes provide a rare glimpse of delicate design in the Interlude Home collection, with rounded dome lids and gold hardware. Rika Rectangular Boxes look like pieced scrapwood, and come in a variety of shapes and sizes, while the teal leather Avery boxes are a unique way to store all the odds and ends on your desk or bookshelf.

Fun items that add style and entertainment are a big part of the Interlude Home collection. A beautiful tic tac toe board with pieces is a fun change from the ever-present chess board in most spaces, while the Wynn Knot Sculptures in gold or verdigris give the brain a workout examining the knotted design. All of Burke Décor purchases over $50 ship for free in the lower 48 states, so this is the perfect time to browse through the Interlude Home collection and fill your space with unique, contemporary style.