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The collection of home accessories, tableware, and furnishings from Seletti at Burke Décor is perfect for anyone whose style is off the beaten path. With a focus on elegant materials and totally original designs, as well as clever restructurings of common household items, Seletti creates a collection that will wow anyone with eclectic tastes. Burke Décor offers an extensive selection of these singularly beautiful pieces, so that you can fill any room in your house with details that highlight your own uniqueness.

In the kitchen, set your table with Seletti’s hybrid porcelain platters, dinner plates, vases, and more. These items are made so that half of the item shows one beautiful, traditional china pattern; and the other half shows a wildly different china pattern, usually more Asian-inspired to contracts the European look of the rest of the dish. If you love classic porcelain china, but want to freshen things up with a youthful look, this is a great way to marry the two styles. Seletti’s fun side tables, such as the A La Carte Table or the Bosque Crocheted Seating logs offer handy surfaces in totally unexpected ways.

Make your chores more interesting with the cotton laundry basket by Seletti, featuring retro typography, or the swan porcelain watering can with its simple white design and bold red spout. Fun pieces such as the Sending Animals Wooden Furniture tables offer hidden storage in addition to being a conversation piece, and the Submarino Porcelain Bathroom Accessory Set is a great example of how Seletti’s interesting designs are supremely useful as well as stylish.

Seletti’s unique outlook is seen even in their more elegant pieces. The chick WC Royale Fine Porcelain container is made to look like an antique heirloom, but actually holds a toilet brush in the bathroom. The Trash Chic metal trashcan makes your kitchen instantly classy, but the bright yellow on black color palette keeps it fun. From pillows and wall art to pot holders and sculptures, there are plenty of objects to add whimsical, unique style to your space. All orders over $50 ship for free in the lower 48 states at Burke Décor, so now is the perfect time to browse the Seletti collection and discover how easy it is to make your space as one-of-a-kind as you are.