Toile Wallpaper

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Toile Wallpaper

There are so many design trends that come and quickly depart, yet the style of design known as "toile" has never lost its popularity over the centuries. A unique approach to décor, it appeared first on fabrics and upholstery, but there is now toile wallpaper that can offer a stunning effect. At Burke Décor, shoppers are able to peruse an immense gallery of nearly irresistible toile prints. Toile, of course, is no longer limited to pastoral images of shepherds and shepherdesses, pagodas, horses and hounds, gardens or cottages. Today, it is a modern affair and can include motifs as diverse as travel oriented images, tall ships, maps, golfing scenes and more.

The Burke Décor choices in toile wallpaper are comprehensive in terms of style, print, and color. Whether your room is meant to have a distinctly antiquated or period atmosphere or you want to rock a modern and edgy vibe but use the kind of repetitive and unique print found only in toile, there are plenty of options. Premium brands ensure the very best results, and your choices may include designs by Sandy White for Cavern Home, Ashford House for York, Ronald Redding, Brewster and more.

The motifs in the Burke Décor gallery of toile wallpaper range from the classic to the outright fun and funky. Butterflies, oversized floral motifs, and unique birds and animals are but some of the options. Colors are also outside of the traditional single hue against a white background. Though you can find plenty of appealing toile prints in almost every hue on a white or cream background, there are also prints on bold red, green, blue, and even pink or grey backgrounds too. The toile design can also be part of an embossed or metallic paper too, ensuring a super contemporary look and result.

The Burke Décor designs and other toile wallpaper brands available offer buyers some of the most dynamic options in a home or office design and décor. Additionally, the galleries and product pages show buyers some of the other prints and papers that could pair well with the rich imagery of a toile paper. Purchasing samples is also a wise option as this allows you to understand the impact that a print of any size might have on your living or working spaces. No matter what sort of design scheme you have created or intend, any wallpaper with toile motifs is likely to bring a touch of elegance, creativity and energy.