Burke Boxes - ALL NEW

the BurkeBOX has evolved. stay tuned...

We have received wonderful feedback from our subscriber community since our launch and have decided after careful consideration to reposition our box offer. Starting in 2016, Burke Decor will relaunch our subscription boxes and instead of monthly options, we will offer several curated BurkeBOX styles for sale online. Clients can preview contents in advance of ordering and determine which box is of individual interest and preference prior to ordering. We will offer a variety of boxes at all times, so clients can select their favorites and order in multiple quantities, if desired. All clients who previously subscribed to our BurkeBOX will be notified via email before new BurkeBOXes are released online and get chance to pre-order boxes before they sell out.

Please contact us with any questions at sales@burkedecor.com or via telephone at 888.338.8111. We look forward to bringing you several great box styles this holiday season!

*To access previous box subscriptions & order history, please make sure you are logged into your account. Please note, Internet Explorer is experiencing issues with box management. Please use Firefox or Chrome or contact us for assistance.