1.  Is it possible to get some page templates made that mimic the look and styling of the Featured Sections Styles and Category Style Sections available as home page settings? We have had custom page templates created in Shopify in the past. We like all the styles in the Featured / Category styles 1 and 2 . The idea being that when someone lands on these pages, we can route them using unique images / content per page. 

COMMENT: After making the above request - we noticed that some of these sections are available on in the THEME settings are also available on pages as Templates. However, there are not enough templates for what we need to do (we use many many pages that need to be unique). Can you duplicate these templates in the Theme Settings x 10? so that we could use them on unique pages?

Here are some mockups (using elements from the Noren Theme)


  • 2.  Is is possible to add the image blocks shown in feature style sections 1 or 2 on the bottom of all the collection pages ?  SEE IMAGE (the SHOP NOW and NEWSLETTER LIST)
3.  Is it possible to show Collection text (content added within Shopify's collection description) on the collections - but at the bottom?
4. Is it possible to add a slightly opaque box behind the lettering in the collection results (when hovering over the product the text is hard to find). It is very hard to read on some of our products. (see attached please)
5. The theme sort of has an issue when you are on a product page and there is a mega menu above it, the mega menu goes behind the product image. Can the menu be made to appear in the front? (if you can look at this live, probably best, it is hard to show an image of since the menu disappears behind the product image.
6. Is it possible to add a header across the top where we can enter text (similar to this >> that matches the Noren theme. We would like to add text into a Field in the theme customization area please.
7. On the SIDE BAR - Is it possible to add a block below the filters for a little graphic that is linkable so we can upload sales info? See example below.
8. On the SIDE BAR - 
Please see examples below. What we would like to do, is have every MAIN link off the horizontal header, have the ability to show just that link list (and sub-link lists) on the left hand side - versus showing the entire main navigation down the side. In this example, say RUGS was a link off the main link list - could the left sidebar show only this; then see second image for the expanded menu.
10. On the SIDE BAR - can the colors be images instead of text? Something like this, where we would add the color swatch in the Theme Settings. 
11.  UPDATED: Formatting issue on the product page... for some reason, the text on our product pages in the Noren preview looks to be center justified. See the attached screen shot. We would like it to please be left, like on here:
Formatting is LEFT JUSTIFIED on current theme but switches to middle on the Noren
11a. Is there a way to set the product page template so the Description stays OPEN all the time ? SO user does not have to click on it?
12. Can we create a contact form page template? We need something like this with fields: We have done a mockup below. Could get copies of this same template (so we can have a few pages that have unique content?
13. I noticed the theme has a circle and it looks like it is still trying to load when you bring pages up - but if you click on the page it goes away and it is actually loaded. Is there a way to make it look like the pages are actually loaded faster? I can imagine our users being a bit confused by that.
Thank you!