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It's on the table. So be sure to pair it with remarkable piece that will last you a long time and co-mingle with your architectural and accentual elements. Modern tables for the home come in a variety of kinds; side tables, modern coffee tables, contemporary dining room tables, console tables and bar tables and serve a variety of moods and purposes throughout the home. Depending on how playful you want to be, you may want to meddle classic nesting pieces with a sleeker pop dining room table (round and terrific for conversation) and offset the wall with a mid-century buffet. Irregardless of what you are going for when buying a modern table, be sure to measure the entire room and any other pieces you intend to place in it to allow for adequate proportions.

Most modern dining room tables are around 30" in height to accommodate sitting and eating. Most of our modern coffee tables rest about 18" off the ground and should allow about a foot and a half from the sofa for accessibility. Accent tables, buffets and console tables can range in height depending on the style they lend themselves to. We love modern tables and think they are great for providing the surface area to create and display still lifes and bouquets. We are constantly searching for new trays, exotic curios, sculptures, taxidermy, postcards, framed gems, runners, table lamps, vases and beautiful objects of the like to dress up table spaces.

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