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Coffee Tables

One of the most essential items in a sitting area or living room, coffee tables can also become a "make or break" element in the overall design scheme. Select the wrong table and you regret it for years, but choose the right one and it becomes a treasure. That is why this Burke Décor gallery of tables includes hundreds of choices with countless styles and materials available. To help home or commercial decorators make the best decisions, the product pages also feature coordinating or matching items that demonstrate how each table might fit into specific settings.

The designers for the coffee tables from Burke Décor include such popular brands as Skalny, Redford House, Gus Modern, Currey & Co, Bungalow 5, Aidan Gray and many others. The styles, shapes, sizes, colors, and materials are remarkably diverse and range from woven metal designs, combinations of wood and glass, metal and wood and more.

To begin choosing the most appropriate coffee tables means understanding the amount of space available as well as the essential tone or style of the room. For example, a low-key and even rustic setting might benefit from something like a square table crafted of both wood and metal. The Tobias Square table is a good example, with a solid steel base and a beautifully stained wood veneer top, it really is a classic. However, those with a more modern space require something with a blend of contemporary materials, such as the Wynton Lacquer table with its white, teardrop-shaped surface and mid-century modern inspired legs of bent steel.

Burke Décor also has plenty of options for the industrial or old world inspired designs, and choices can include coffee tables like Furano with its antiqued mirror top set into a rectangular frame of tarnished brass. There are also beautifully carved options like the mahogany Cloud table from Lazy Susan. With a solid base and top held up by beautifully carved supports, it is an artisan piece that could serve as a focal point as well as a serviceable table.

Whether your tastes run from the rustic or the classic to the modern or the retro, the options for tables from Burke Décor ensure you have a wide range of choices. Look through the product pages to get suggestions about pieces to pair with specific tables or see what other home or professional decorators have purchased in addition to the tables you are considering.

Burke Decor carries an extensive line of a boutique lift top, glass, and storage coffee tables for living rooms, waiting for areas and more.

Depending on the size and shape of your space, you may be able to afford the luxury of a larger-sized coffee table. Maybe you're not so lucky and are limited to using an ottoman or pairing smaller accent tables together. Either way, some sort of modern coffee table is an absolute living room must. Our home decor boutique carries lift top modern coffee tables, translucent glass coffee tables and coffee tables with storage to fit your aesthetic and space constraints. Usually, it is a good idea to select a modern coffee table that is at least two-thirds smaller than the size of your sofa. Depending on if you want your flooring or area rug to show, you'll also have to decide if you'd like a contemporary coffee table with a lower shelf for books and magazines or if you prefer to leave the area clean. 

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