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Edible Flower Cakes

When I was in high school I saw this Martha Stewart show about making edible sugared flower cakes from actual flowers. My mind was BLOWN.  Now, I HATE to cook, but I love pretty things and flowers were enough of an incentive to make cooking...

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GET THE LOOK: French Flowerbomb

  I was searching for images to pitch a wallpaper mural to a client when I found this image of Delibie's living room:   I followed it to this lovely blog, Côté Maison, which happens to be in French. Now while my Franglais is impeccable - my French is a...

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Get the Look: Cali Cool

California Cool. Not to modern, not too fussy, just fresh and easy. Get this look by shopping our Cali Cool boutique - every thing you need to create this look right from your own home!  

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