Indoor x Outdoor Rugs

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Indoor x Outdoor Rugs

Outdoor Patio Rugs

Do you think your exterior living spaces have to be limited to turf, grass, stone, wood or concrete flooring? If so, it is high time to explore this impressive range of outdoor rugs. At Burke Décor, the design is taken seriously, and your outdoor spaces should be as defined and appealing as any of the interiors you have decorated. Using rugs designed to withstand the conditions found outside of the home is one sure-fire way to add color, style, warmth and visual appeal to your deck or patio areas. They are also perfect for working as a cushion and serving as the ultimate barrier against insects or dirt and debris.

Naturally, outdoor rugs are made differently than traditional interior area rugs or carpets. This Burke Décor gallery includes rugs that can exist outdoors and withstand years of wind, rain, dirt, mud and even exposure to the sun. Though most can also easily stand up to ice or snow, you may want to take them up and shelter them during such harsh conditions. Most are going to be made of synthetics that dry quickly or even repel water (think nylon, polyester or acrylic strands). This also makes most of the rugs here very light in weight and sure to retain their colors. There are, however, many natural fiber rugs that are perfect as seasonal, outdoor rugs. It is this latter group you may want to roll up and take indoors when freezing conditions arrive.

This Burke Décor gallery of outdoor rugs includes a good mix of natural and synthetic materials, but for all, you may want to consider the backing. While some of the choices here will be reversible, others will not and may benefit from some sort of backing if they are going to be in high traffic areas. When looking through the options available from Burke Décor, be sure that you give some thought to whether the items you have considered do feature backing or properties meant to withstand the use you intend.

Also, consider that there are many outdoor carpets that can also do indoor duty as well. This is a perfect solution for the entry, kitchen, bath or laundry room that sees heavy traffic and a lot of dirt, debris, ice, water or mud. Easily washable and long-lasting rugs designed to survive outdoors, are not just utility rugs. They are also good looking designs created by some of the top names in interior design and décor and would be a good touch to your space - indoor or out.