Linear Lighting: Modern Linear Chandeliers & Pendant Lighting

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Linear light fixtures, also known as linear lighting or linear pendant lights, are elongated lighting fixtures that feature a straight, horizontal design. They are typically rectangular or cylindrical in shape and are commonly used for general or task lighting in various residential and commercial settings. Linear light fixtures can be suspended from the ceiling, mounted on the wall, or recessed into architectural features.

Linear light fixtures are commonly used in various settings, such as residential spaces, offices, retail stores, restaurants, hotels, art galleries, and educational institutions. They provide ample task lighting for work surfaces, dining areas, or focal points, as well as ambient lighting to enhance the overall ambiance of a space.

Light Distribution: Linear light fixtures provide even and uniform lighting along their length. They are designed to distribute light evenly over a large area, making them suitable for illuminating longer spaces such as dining tables, kitchen islands, office desks, conference tables, hallways, or retail displays.

Versatility: Linear light fixtures come in various sizes, lengths, and configurations, offering versatility in terms of design and application. They can be installed as individual fixtures or grouped together to create continuous lighting installations.

Lighting Technology: Linear light fixtures can accommodate different types of lighting technologies, including LED (Light Emitting Diode), fluorescent, or incandescent bulbs. LED linear fixtures are commonly preferred due to their energy efficiency, long lifespan, and design flexibility.

There are several different types of linear pendant lighting available, each offering unique features and design aesthetics. Here are some common types of linear pendant lighting:

Suspended Linear Pendant: This is the most common type of linear pendant lighting, where a horizontal fixture is suspended from the ceiling using cords, chains, or cables. The length of the fixture can vary, ranging from a few feet to several feet, and it typically features multiple light sources along the length. Suspended linear pendants are often used for general lighting over dining tables, kitchen islands, conference tables, or office workstations.

Linear Chandelier: A linear chandelier is a larger pendant fixture that resembles a traditional chandelier but with a linear shape. It usually features multiple arms or branches extending horizontally and holds several light sources. Linear chandeliers are often used as statement pieces in dining rooms, entryways, or larger living spaces, adding a touch of elegance and drama to the room.

Linear Pendant with Adjustable Heads: Some linear pendant lighting fixtures feature adjustable heads or swiveling mechanisms along the length of the fixture. This allows for customized aiming of the light, providing flexibility to direct the illumination precisely where needed. Linear pendants with adjustable heads are often used for task lighting or to highlight specific objects or areas.

hoosing the best linear chandelier depends on your personal preferences, the style of your space, and the specific features you're looking for. However, here are some popular linear chandeliers that are well-regarded for their design, quality, and customer reviews:

Sputnik Linear Chandelier: This iconic design features a starburst-like shape with multiple arms extending from a central point. It adds a modern and glamorous touch to a space with its striking and unique appearance.

Crystal Linear Chandelier: A crystal linear chandelier brings elegance and sophistication to any room. It features cascading crystal elements that reflect light beautifully and create a dazzling effect.

Rustic Linear Chandelier: If you prefer a more rustic or farmhouse style, a linear chandelier made of wood or with a distressed metal finish can create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Industrial Linear Chandelier: Industrial-inspired linear chandeliers often incorporate elements like exposed bulbs, metal accents, and a utilitarian design. They add a touch of raw and rugged charm to modern or eclectic spaces.

Minimalist Linear Chandelier: For those who prefer a clean and understated look, a minimalist linear chandelier with sleek lines and simple design can provide a contemporary and refined aesthetic.

Geometric Linear Chandelier: Geometric designs, such as rectangular or hexagonal shapes, can create a visually interesting focal point. These chandeliers often feature clean lines and a modern appeal.

Mid-Century Modern Linear Chandelier: Linear chandeliers with a mid-century modern design incorporate elements like clean lines, organic shapes, and vintage-inspired finishes. They bring a retro vibe and timeless appeal to a space.

When choosing linear light fixtures, consider factors such as the size of the fixture in proportion to your room, the type of bulbs it uses, the desired level of brightness, and the quality of materials and craftsmanship. Additionally, ensure that the chosen linear light fixture complements the overall design and style of your space.

Linear Lighting: Modern Linear Chandeliers & Pendant Lighting

Sculptural contemporary linear chandeliers to classic fixtures with a modern linear update, shop Linear Lights in a plethora of styles and sizes to suit your interior design. Burke Decor’s Linear Lighting collection features pieces from top home décor designers Aerin + BD Studio + Corbett Lighting + Currey & Company + Hudson Valley Lighting + Kelly Wearstler + Mitzi + Sea Gull + Troy Lighting—bringing the finest materials, craftsmanship, style and quality to your home. 

Burke Decor’s collection of designer Linear Lighting includes the Wit Linear Suspension fixture blends striking linear illumination and clean finishing into modern sculpture even when turned off. Minimal form meets function in traditional details and with the classical modern Cesta Large Linear Chandelier by Ian K. Fowler. Bring historical charm to the modern home with the Caddo Large Linear Lantern by Julie Neill complete with candelabra reminiscent of gas luminaries ideal for vintage inspired decor. Star-shaped accents and linear design elevate the Etoile Linear Chandelier by Ian K. Fowler’s gilded pendants and paper shades from traditional fixture to modern mystical centerpiece. Exude modern form and function with the exquisite design and directional lighting capabilities of Regina Andrew’s Talon Chandelier. A clever solution for modern city living, the TR Bulb Suspension Frame by Menu was designed to be taken from apartment to apartment – installed by simply screwing it into the pendant sockets hanging in ceilings all over the world, no electrical expertise required. A transitional dining room or bar becomes a decorative showpiece for the home when accentuated with the Forza Medium Gathered Linear Lantern by Kelly Wearstler. Create the illusion of a grand spacious chandelier in a compact space with the Flemish Large Linear Pendant by E. F. Chapman’s perspective bending candelabras. Stunning and sophisticated, the Bonnington Large Linear Chandelier by Aerin is flanked with a layered halo of crystal columns that shimmer above a lavish dining room set or luxurious kitchen island. Modern in its form, Julie Neill’s Illana Large Linear Chandelier transforms the classic floral candelabra motif into contemporary functional art. With designs by top designers, Burke Decor’s curated collection of modern Linear Lights are crafted from the finest materials including brass, stainless steel, iron, wood, glass, linen, and marble. Elevate your space with light fixtures that compliment your design style. Burke Decor’s expansive Linear Lighting Collection can accommodate a myriad of design styles— including contemporary, mid-century modern, coastal, modern, transitional, and traditional design.

Burke Decor’s curated collection of Linear Lights includes a wide variety of styles, shapes, and designs for your home decor needs.  Browse Linear Lighting below. All orders over $50 ship free to the 48 contiguous states.