Metallic Wallpaper

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Metallic Wallpaper

Wallpaper has come a long way. Add a chic, updated twist to your wall covering with Burke Décor’s range of metallic wallpapers. Give a minimalist style the perfect backdrop with a simple, textured monochrome, or create a rock ‘n roll palace with a dark metallic paper. Burke Décor’s line also includes artistic wallpapers that can easily create a focal wall, or make a small space seem like a grand room. Thanks to the inherent shine of a modern metallic wallpaper, the room will always feel photo-ready.

If your style leans more towards the traditional, metallic patterned wallpaper is an excellent choice. Find a pattern that mimics the retro or traditional look you love, but still has a hint of metallic glamour that brings your room into this century. Or go completely the opposite direction with contemporary metallic wallpaper featuring decals or modern art to make your space one-of-a-kind. Papering an entire room can create an immersive experience that truly showcases your décor style, while papering a focal wall is the perfect complement to any paint job.

Metallic wallpaper can also delight children and teenagers, bringing fun texture and shine to their spaces. Burke Décor metallic wallpaper can be used in any space to the right effect. Put some shiny metal robots on the nursery wall for your inquisitive budding scientist, or paper your powder room in delicate floral designs. Give a nook a modern punch with an artistically designed wallpaper, or even make the wall above your bed look and feel like a lush quilted headboard.

Many of Burke Décor’s modern metallic wallpapers also feature other textures, such as velvet flocking and hand printing. Far from the old vinyl wallpaper you probably remember, these collections are made with the highest attention to quality and detail. You’re not just choosing an alternative wall covering – you’re installing a work of art on your walls. The luxurious colors, textures, and designs of Burke Décor’s contemporary metallic wallpaper will make your space stand out as an elegantly designed home that you, your guests, or even potential buyers will love.

Because Burke Decor wallpaper is produced in small batches, similar to tile, your walls will always be uniquely your own. Browse through our extensive collection of metallic textured wallpapers to discover how many ways you can utilize this stunningly modern take on wallpaper in your own home.