Brown Wallpaper

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Brown Wallpaper

Wallpaper is a long-time decorating and designing resource for updating or improving spaces of all kinds. Whether domestic or commercial, almost any room can be improved with the right wallpaper. Available in an astonishing range of hues and textures, though, it is important that you select the right wallpaper for your design scheme. For those doing rooms with a more natural, earthy or contemporary feel, brown wallpaper is a fantastic choice, and Burke Décor has hundreds of styles from which to choose.

Just as other wallpapers are found with different textures, finishes, prints and hues, so too is brown wallpaper, and buyers at Burke Décor can find almost any sort of look. Whether it is one of the faux styles that emulate stone or wood, the textured or printed papers, or even a commercial or solid design, you can choose from some of the top names and design houses. Those who are looking for textured or faux designs can opt for brands like Graham and Brown, BD Wall, Julian Scott, Milton King, Brewster Home Fashions and York among many others. If it is a lovely print using brown as a base hue or main accent, Seabrook Wallcoverings, Ronald Redding, Candice Olson and Carl Robinson offer amazing choices.

Keep in mind that brown wallpaper options from Burke Décor will provide you with an amazing range of stylistic uses too. For example, there are traditional wallpaper designs that are applied easily with water and standard wallpapering tools or methods. There are also many self-adhesive wallpapers in varying shades of brown, most of which emulate wood grain or other natural materials, and which can be used for an astonishing range of decorative purposes.  There are also styles that are meant to emulate leather or suede as well as cork or marble, and these too can have commercial or domestic use and go on easily.

Don't overlook the brown wallpaper selection from Burke Décor as a key component in your designer's toolbox. Whether it is to give one wall a quick update of facelift, making it look like stone, brick, wood or even woven grass or leather, or it is to do an entire space in a soothing and earthy hue with light texture or an appealing pattern, wallpaper selections in brown hues are very effective. The choices in the gallery are a testament to the flexibility and effectiveness of this hue in your interior décor.