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cozy comfort

country chic

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erin fetherston

soft & light living

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a warm haven

rustic modern living room

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warm layered living

soft & light living

A welcoming living room with a quiet palette paired with light wood finishes and punctuated with carefully considered art and accents.

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serene bliss

Not your grandpa's recliner, kick back and relax in style and create a living room that is too good to leave.

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smooth operator

Sleep smooth and inviting, like a desert mirage, this living room whispers elevated style while inviting you to stay a while.

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tranquil abode

The heart of home, a living designed for gathering and relaxing

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soft urban living

Relax in futuristic elegance. Industrial meets mid-century with jewel tones and luxurious textiles.

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country chic

Classic shapes paired with textured monochromatic upholstery to create a thoroughly modern living room that is as comfortable as it is chic.

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elevated eclectic

Modular sofas are the moment! Make a subtle statement with an architectural sectional.

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classic charm

Escape into a whimsical wonderland with an illuminated tapestry of thriving botanicals and quiet forest creatures.

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soft blush lounging

The height of casual luxury. Take a sophisticated spin on modular lounging with a cozy sectional.

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mood & style

Interstital spaces are the perfect place for a bold gesture.

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southwest inspired contemporary
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cool + calm living space

Classic forms and layered neutrals create a truly relaxing interior. Elevate modern lounging with soft curves and a tonal palette.

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modern provincial living

Romance is not dead! Spend a golden afternoon in a pastel countryside parlor room.

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tonal living

Welcome to a minimal modern dreamscape. Live on a cloud with cream tufted sofa and layered soft organic textures.

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southern charm

California cool meets southern charm with minimal staples and boho modern statements.

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quintessential vintage romantic

​​Vintage botanicals meet modern design with an Austen sensibility. Play parlor games with guests or re-read Pride and Prejudice.

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refined transitional living

Create a grounding respite with a modern take on traditional classics. Bring the outside in with organic details.

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modern farmhouse living room

Weave classic details into a modern space. Match tables for a minimal farmhouse aesthetic.

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cool modern living

Settle into the fog with a rustic, minimal respite. Create calm spaces with cool tones and well-rounded decor.

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humble abode

Farmhouse modern elegance in a light filled living room mixing warm tones tones and sleek updates to rustic classics.

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rustic modern living room

A little bit country, a little bit modern abode! Sink-right-in seating ideal for daily lounging, and recline in style!

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wood paneled warmth

Warm and inviting, minimal yet layered sanctuary with updated classics.

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moody living room

Set the mood for communal respite with saturated staples and darkened accents.

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well rounded living

Southwestern inspired living rom layers natural textures and colors with softened lines for a modern welcoming vibe.

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modern living

Chic and collected, project ultra modern confidence with a sophisticated interior.

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sleek modern living

Minimal modern living room design, where sleek lines and muted colors allow the view to shine.

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Statement living room mixing raw materials with bold, sculptural upholstery details.

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postmod living room

Modern living blends curved accents with classic mid-century comfort.

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chic + casual living

Keep it casual without sacrificing sophistication. Add warmth to minimal decor with wood details.

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bright living room

Create maximal impact with elevated, subtle designs. Center the space with a minimal table.

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inviting fireside

Rustic lodging meets elevated elegance. Curl up by the fire and relax in a modern sanctuary.

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collected living

Showcase the rich details of global artisans with modern antiquities. Elevate the space with a sculptural black side table and sling chair. 

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serene living room

Blend hard and soft to create a dynamic living space. Create cohesion with clean lines and a neutral palette.

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