Checkered & Plaid Wallpaper


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Checkered & Plaid Wallpaper

The traditional appeal of checkered or plaid wallpaper meets modern color palettes and unique twists in this collection of wallpaper from Burke Décor. Perfect for creating an accent wall with bold colors, or filling an entire room with subtle texture in a neutral color scheme, this collection features designs from style experts such as Brewster Home Fashions, York Wallcoverings, Graham and Brown Wallpaper, Seabrook Wallcoverings and more. Search by style to find the right vintage-inspired wallpaper, textured wallpaper, grass wallpaper, contemporary wallpaper and more within this collection of checkered and plaid wallpaper.

You can also search by color to find the right look for your furnishings or space. Search for neutral black and white, brown, or grey wallpaper. Find bold red, blue, green, or purple wallpaper, or search for metallic wallpaper and other interesting visual details. Burke Décor offers curated recommendations on each product page so that you can easily match your favorite checkered or plaid wallpaper with a subtle wallcovering for the rest of the room. Search by price range so that you’re sure to stick to your budget, and don’t worry about shipping; every order over $50 ships for free in the lower 48 states, so you can easily splurge on an entire room transformation.

Burke Décor offers an extensive line of geometric wallpapers that go well with the checkered and plaid designs. Choose a houndstooth pattern in classic black and white, grey and metallic, blue and metallic, white and metallic, white and yellow or white and grey for a sophisticated and chic look that is perfect for an entrance, walk-in closet, powder room or more. Casual plaid designs such as the Sample Oskar wallpaper by Brewster Home Fashions are great for cozy dining rooms, while formal plaid designs like Ronald Redding’s Harris wallpaper creates a geometric pattern that is a traditionally beautiful change from solid paint colors.

Checkerboard patterns in natural sisal, or in tiled patterns that feature violet, aqua, or black and white are perfect in a bathroom or kitchen. These checkered and plaid wallpapers from Burke Décor offer something for every room and every style, regardless of your needs. Every wallpaper from Burke Décor is produced in small batches to ensure quality control at each step, so you’ll be sure to receive a flawless product that is ready to go on the wall immediately. Come back frequently to see the updates to this constantly evolving collection.