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Walls Republic

Walls Republic has a passion for decorating and transforming your walls using today’s most spectacular designs. Inspired by their passion and your needs, their collection brings together a variety of wallpapers and murals that add a unique touch to your home or office.


Walls Republic produces high-quality wallpapers for modern interiors. Inspired by the textures, colors, and patterns of the natural world—Walls Republic’s organic designs are crafted using the best materials and innovative techniques to minimize waste and maximize quality.

Specializing in contemporary organic wall finishings including realistic stone, wood, and concrete wallpapers, Walls Republic transforms basic white walls into polished surfaces with historic charm and style. From traditional wall murals to modern florals, Wall Republic crafts a wide array of patterns and textures for the modern home.

From embossed wallpapers to traditional floral finishings, Walls Republic produces modern wallcoverings in an expansive range of styles and textures for modern interiors. Crafted to be both durable and luxurious, Walls Republic’s modern manufacturing creates the highest-quality modern wallcoverings to transform traditional and contemporary homes.

Made from high-quality materials to withstand wear and tear, Walls Republic wallpapers are designed and produced for lifelong aesthetic charm. Ideal for residential and commercial spaces, decorate walls for decades with Walls Republic's long-lasting, low-maintenance wallcoverings.

Prepare wall surface for installation by smoothing surfaces and cleaning off dust or debris. Before wallpapering paint ceilings and cover floors with drop cloths. Apply adhesive to the back of paper then hang from top to bottom, pressing down firmly with a damp cloth to apply while smoothing out bubbles and creases. Allow paper to dry completely before applying the next roll then trim excess wallpaper.

Walls Republic does not recommend painting over wallpaper in order to extend product life and quality. Painting over wallpaper can produce puckering and uneven surfaces. For best results, remove wallpaper and residual adhesive before painting walls.

With high quality non-woven fabric backed wallcoverings, Walls Republic wallpapers are dry strippable and easy to remove in full strips without leaving mess behind. Peel a corner at the base of the wall and remove the paper in minutes. Clean off residual residue post removal.