Pink Wallpaper

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Pink Wallpaper

Far from the baby pink of Barbie’s Dream House, Burke Décor’s collection of pink wallpapers is designed to appeal to anyone. From contemporary designs in fun, edgy, or subtle patterns, to classically feminine wallpapers that are perfect for Princesses of all ages, these wallpapers can provide exactly the right look for your space. Dress these wallpapers up with formal decorative furniture to create a room that feels like it came out of a fairy tale; or dress it down with comfortable contemporary pieces, to give your space a grown-up, girly edge.

When many people think of pink wallpaper for adults, they immediately picture scrolling floral and damask designs. Burke Décor offers a variety of traditional patterns such as these, in muted rose and cream color palettes that give your room a subtle neutral feeling. If you love this classic look but want something a little bolder, try a stark black damask on a baby pink backdrop. This would look amazing in a powder room or walk-in closet, where glamour can be indulged in without overpowering. A wallpaper in pale blush with black ribbon bows offers another high-contrast design with a girly touch.

Contemporary designs featuring Mediterranean elements allow you to bring pink into your home in a very subtle way. Accented by grey, cream, green, or brown, the pink becomes part of your décor, rather than the focus. Coral or salmon pink wallpapers allow you to enjoy this color in a whole new way, while a young girl’s room would be beautiful with a repeating butterfly patterned wallpaper. Try a monochromatic cameo pattern to fill your space with subtle texture, or choose a cream with pink polka dot for a classic 50s charm.

Burke Décor’s collection of pink wallpapers is extensive, meaning that you’ll be able to find something to fit any décor style. All of Burke Décor’s wallpapers are made in small batches to ensure the best quality and all orders over $50 ship for free in the lower 48 states. Browse their collection of pink wallpapers today to discover how easy it is to bring a feminine touch into any space.