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Burke Décor’s collection of brick wallpaper allows you to make any space in your home or business as hip as the trendiest downtown café. Exposed brick walls are a beloved style feature, making city apartments and businesses look and feel like part of the urban energy all around them. Now, you can utilize this look in your entire space, even if your building has no bricks at all. From natural, distressed brick wallpapers that make space feel lived-in, to smoother, more sophisticated brick patterns that keep your walls subtle, there is something for everyone in this collection from Burke Décor.

Designers such as York Wallcoverings, NLXL, Milton & King, Surya and more, have created brick wallpapers for every style. Simply browse through Burke Décor’s collection of papers to find exactly the right texture, color scheme, design, and style. Try a classic brick wallpaper in red for a dining space, or go with a smooth black brick to give your space a bold, yet minimalist, style. Pale grey brick wallpaper makes your space feel serene and spa-like.

Are you looking for a wallpaper that is a little more unique? Try giving your space a makeover with colored subway-tile-style brick wallpaper that mimics the grand interior of Grand Central Station. Or try NLXL’s Gerani Wallpaper, featuring pale grey bricks interspersed with bright floral arrangements, perfect for a focal wall, small breakfast nook, or powder room. Ultra-distressed concrete brick wallpaper can give your space an industrial edge. No matter if you dress it up or dress it down, brick wallpapers bring an urban feel into your space, offering both an exciting energy and a sophisticated, arty flair.

Burke Décor’s wallpapers are created in small batches, so your room will always be fresh and unique. And thanks to Burke Décor’s dedication to using only the highest quality materials, and a meticulous attention to detail in every stage of production, you’ll be adding luxury and value to your room when you install these wallpapers. Browse Burke Décor’s collection of brick wallpapers to see how many ways you can bring hip appeal into your space.