Tile Wallpaper

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Tile Wallpaper

Usually seen in luxury spas and decadent kitchens, tile can easily be one of the most beautiful surface treatments available. You can get the look on your walls with Burke Décor’s collection of tile wallpaper. The natural beauty of handcrafted tiles, textured tiles, subway tiles, and more, can all be mimicked perfectly by this easy-to-apply wallpaper.

With papers from designers such as Brewster Home Fashions, Graham and Brown Wallpaper, Milton & King, York Wallcoverings, BD Fine Wallcoverings and more, Burke Décor’s collection of tile wallpaper has something for everyone. Paintable textured tiles allow you to achieve the perfect custom look in any room, adding subtle or bold looks wherever you want them. Tile wallpaper that mimics the look of natural marble can give your space a grand, rich atmosphere, perfect for any space where you want to emphasize luxury and style. Irregular brick tile wallpaper is a fun way to give your space the look of exposed brick, a trendy design feature that is often seen in the hottest cafes and bars.

Burke Décor also offers tile wallpaper that has the look of supple leather, allowing you to add warmth and comfort to your room in a way that demands attention. Create a perfectly gorgeous office, home library, or meeting room with elegant leather-look wallpaper. Want something more modern for your space? Try a classic subway tile wallpaper, perfect for a café, home kitchen, or modern open-floor office space. Bright, contemporary tile wallpaper is perfect in your living space, while tiny mosaic tile wallpaper could be just right in a guest bath or laundry room. No matter where you use tile wallpaper, you are sure to find that it sets off your space perfectly.

All of Burke Décor’s wallpapers are produced in small batches, so your room will always reflect your personal style. With an emphasis on using only the highest quality materials and a utilizing a meticulous attention to detail in every production, you’ll be adding luxury and value to your space when you choose a Burke Décor wallpaper. Browse Burke Décor’s collection of tile wallpapers to see how many ways you can bring the artistry of tile into your space.