Faux Stone & Brick Wallpaper


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Faux Stone & Brick Wallpaper

From the rich halls of historical landmarks to trendy, eclectic cafes in the heart of the city, stone walls have the ability to make any atmosphere feel special. The natural beauty of stone, combined with the power of something different from the norm, makes it hard to resist considering a stone accent. With Burke Décor’s faux stone wallpaper, you can bring this feeling into any space.

With papers from designers such as Brewster Home Fashions, Graham and Brown Wallpaper, Milton & King, York Wallcoverings, and more, Burke Décor’s collection of stone wallpaper has something for everyone. The natural look of faux brick wallpaper is perfect for a trendy hotspot – even if that’s just your kitchen! Consider flat stone for an elegant office that stands out from other corporate buildings or even a contemporary subway tile that mimics the stone walls of Grand Central Station. Whether you want a stone that appears rustic and broken in, or poised and polished, Burke Décor has a faux stone wallpaper to fit your style.

Want something that stands out even more? Cover your powder room or entryway in malachite wallpaper to introduce a beautiful, natural piece of art right on your walls. Burke Décor also carries unique stone wallpaper in modern, irregular designs, perfect for gallery walls or bedrooms. Tiled stone wallpaper offers a Mediterranean feel, while the River Rock wallpaper is perfect for creating a rustic lodge or man cave. And for those who love to embrace the urban energy of the city, street art wallpaper offers a colorful homage to graffiti colored stone, perfect for an accent wall.

All of Burke Décor’s textured stone wallpapers are created in small batches, so your room will never be a carbon copy of any other space. And thanks to the highest quality materials and a meticulous attention to detail during production, you’ll be adding luxury and value to your space. Designed to truly mimic the real look of natural stone, this wallpaper will instantly transport you and your guests to a sophisticated experience. Browse Burke Décor’s collection of faux stone wallpapers to see how many ways you can bring the richness of stone into your space.