Paintable Wallpaper

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Paintable Wallpaper

Designing a space is often an exercise in self-expression and what better way to put your mark on a room than by customizing your wallpaper to your exact liking? Burke Décor’s collection of modern paintable wallpapers allow you to easily add texture, pattern, and dimension to your walls and then personalize with exactly the right color. Can’t or don’t wish to paint the walls? Use paintable wallpaper to cover the room in the perfect color.

These wallpapers also work well on the ceiling and give you the perfect way to get an even coat without making a mess. Paint the wallpaper first, then install in any hard to reach the area. This collection comes in a stunning array of patterns, from modern floral and geometric designs to vintage tiled textures and more. Choose a bold, oversized floral or Fleur de Lis pattern for a modern nod to a classic style; or go with embossed paintable wallpaper to give your space unique charm. Use a very traditional pattern with a bright, bold color for a modern take on classic décor.

With paintable wallpapers from designers like Graham and Brown Wallpaper and Brewster Home Fashions, Burke Décor offers you truly elegant ways to customize your space. Paintable textured wallpaper can give your wall the look of bamboo or basket weave linen, while traditional columned designs and decorative tiles can easily be utilized in a Victorian or Tudor style home. Fun, modern textures like geometric squares in different sizes add just the right look to a lively space.

These wallpapers are the perfect way to add just a hint of designer texture, without needing a bold wallpaper if you prefer something subtle. Paint with a calming neutral and hang your art and photographs like usual; the slight texture in the background creates depth and interest while letting your style shine through.

Burke Décor wallpapers are always created in small batches, so your walls are sure to be perfectly yours. Browse through our collection of paintable wallpapers to discover how high-quality materials, attention to detail at every stage of production, and the clever customizable designs, can easily turn any space into something extraordinary.