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Guide to Measuring for Furniture & Delivery

Selecting new furniture is always a mix of excitement and stress. Below you'll find tips on how to measure your existing furniture and home to ensure a successful delivery. so you can start arranging your interiors and enjoy your new items. Read on for tips below on how to accurately measure your space and prepare for delivery.
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How to measure furniture

The Basics

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Measuring your Space

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Doors and Hallways

Measure the interior height and width of every doorway, staircase, elevator and hallway that the item will pass through. Also consider architectural details and low hanging fixtures as you measure. Make sure to account for handrails, doorknobs, trim, and hinges that can't be removed and include those in your measurements.

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Measure the width of the stairway, including handrails. Measure the width and depth of any landings. If the top or bottom of the stairway leads to a wall instead of an open room, measure the distance from the stairs to the wall. For the ceiling, measure in three places: from the bottom step to the ceiling, from landings to the ceiling, and from the top step to the ceiling.

Preparing for Delivery

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Clear the path

Measuring the height and width of any doorways and hallways, account for handles, trims, skirting and handrails that cannot be easily removed. It's also a good idea to consider other options, including back and side doors, or garages.

Remove any fixtures that might get in the way, including light and ceiling fixtures, artwork, rugs, decorative accessories and plants

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Compare your measurements

Compare the detailed measurements you've taken throughout your home to the dimensions of the furniture item (you can find these on our product pages). It's also helpfult to measure the item you are replacing (if that is the case) to get a sense of how the scale might change.

Check the depth of your chosen piece, and ensure that the width and height is less than that of the stairways, hallways and doorways in your home.

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Measuring stairs

Measure the width of the stairways and depth of the landings, including any banisters, handrails or decorative mouldings. We also recommend measuring the top and bottom of the stairs to the wall, and the ceiling height from both the bottom and top step, and the landing to the ceiling.

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Using an Elevator

If an elevator is required to access your home, be sure to measure the height and depth of its door, and also diagonally from the bottom center of the door to the back ceiling. Note down how much leeway you have.

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It’s time for delivery

Unfortunately, we are unable to move any existing furniture, so double-check that the path is clear, and protect any floors or furniture - you'll then be ready to welcome your new piece into your home.

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