Dinner Plates

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Dinner Plates

Dinner time is made even more special when you sit down to a meal served on any of Burke Décor’s line of dinnerware. These dinner plates can suit a fun, casual experience, or dress up a table with elegant gold plating and unique design. Featuring dinner plates from designers such as Seletti, Vagabond Vintage, Wild and Wolf, Thomas Paul, Teroforma, B by Brandie, and more, Burke Décor offers something that could grace any table.

Start with a collection of dinner plates that makes you happy on a typical weeknight, such as the brightly colored Amalfi collection by Thomas Paul, or the fun Cosmic Diner Collection that features plates in a variety of planetary and star nebula designs. Diners can then build dinner plate collections that are perfect for entertaining, such as the Grande Corrigan Bone China plate with gold plating, or the unique geometric designs of the Harrison Porcelain Salad Plate collection.

Diners who love truly unique dishes and don’t mind a bit of quirky charm will love the appearance of the Hybrid Isaura Porcelain Dinner Plates by Seletti. Featuring classic English and American china patterns on one side, and classic Asain patterns on the other half of the plate, these are a unique way to dress up your table with bright colors and traditional beauty. If your style is a little more minimal but you still love texture and unique detail, try the Machine Collection, featuring bone-white porcelain plates with unique decorative beveling around the edge. Try the Palace Palazzo Signora Flat Plates and matching bowls by Seletti if you prefer Old World elements, or the bright Ranchero Dinner Plates by Thomas Paul for a fun pop of color and pattern in your kitchen.

All orders over $50 are shipped free from Burke Décor, so this is an excellent time to create the dinner service you’ve always dreamed of. Whether you want matching plates for a huge party, or a variety of mismatched dinnerware for a unique table that is all you, Burke Décor has plenty of options. All of these pieces are dishwasher safe, so you can feel free to use even your fanciest plates any night of the week.