Table Placemats

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Table Placemats

A well-dressed table is every host’s dream, setting off the hard work put into dinner with a beautiful backdrop. Burke Décor makes your dream come true with this collection of designer table placemats. In round, oval, and rectangular designs, these placemats are perfect for any occasion or space. Burke Décor also offers matching cloth napkins and tablecloths for many of the designs, so you can create a curated designer look for every gathering. Mix and match these placemats for an eclectic look or find that set of holiday table placemats you’ve been searching for.

This collection features designs from home décor experts such as Chilewich, Fiarbault, Allem Studio, Huddleson Linens and Little Korboose. There are placemats in a variety of neutrals and bold colors, as well as options to fit every budget. With Burke Décor’s table placemats, you can bring the natural texture and beauty of woven fabric to your table, or enjoy the sleek sophistication of modern lace cut-outs to create your perfect table.

If you want to set a dramatic table for a special dinner, consider Huddleson Linens’ London collection, created in deep navy with gold accents. Featuring abstract geometric designs and matching cloth napkins, this table placemat set would be a stunning backdrop for a holiday meal or a special anniversary dinner. Another bold design by Hiddleson Linens, the Moreton placemat and napkins line has a similar contemporary appeal with a lighter color palette and a more casual design. Use one for day and one for night to create a signature look for all of your hosting.

Linens featuring woven texture are a big hit in the Burke Décor collection. From neutral browns and creams to bold red or patterned options by Chilewich, there are plenty of ways to dress up your table using woven placemats. Create a splash of color with the multi-colored plaid rectangle placemat by Chilewich, or enjoy an utterly simple minimalist table thanks to the white and gold woven placemat. These basketweave patterns are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

All orders at Burke Décor over $50 ship for free in the lower 48 states, so now is the perfect time to browse the entire collection of table placemats. Find your perfect holiday table look today, give your entire dining space an everyday face lift, or find the perfect gift for the hostess or foodie with everything on your list.

A collection of versatile table placemats makes it simple to throw together a well-dressed table on the fly. Burkedecor features a unique collection of square and round table placemats from star design houses including Chilewich, Simrin, Korboose, and Sir/Madam. Check out our round placemats, square placemats and matching sets of placemats and napkins below. Here are some of our customer favorites, which include Chilewich's Vinyl Placemats and placemats perfect for picnics or every day dining room meals.