Music Players

Musician Turntable in Paprika
Bermuda Turntable in Red
C10 Turntable in Natural
CT100 Cassette Player - Silver
Corsair Radio with Bluetooth - Red
C8 Turntable - Walnut
C6 Turntable - Walnut
C200 Turntable - Black
C100 Turntable in Silver
T150 Turntable System - Black
Switch II Entertainment System - Natural
Voyager Portable Turntable - Amethyst
Voyager Portable Turntable - Black
Voyager Portable Turntable - Dune
Voyager Portable Turntable - Sage
K200 K-Series Turntable System
K100 K-Series Turntable System
Crosley Cruiser Deluxe Turntable With Bluetooth - Havana Fabric
Crosley Cruiser Deluxe Turntable With Bluetooth - Herringbone
Crosley Cruiser Deluxe Turntable with Bluetooth - Teal
Crosley Cruiser Deluxe Turntable with Bluetooth - Tourmaline
Crosley Cruiser Deluxe Turntable with Bluetooth - White Sand
Discovery Portable Turntable in Dune
Discovery Portable Turntable in Glacier
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Music Players

Vintage Electronics Items for Modern Home Décor

We at have one of the best collection of home electronicsvintage and moderns turntables. Our products are perfect for people who enjoy rich sound of vintage vinyl records and also as a great DJ equipment. With best record player awaiting at our store, It’s time for DJ's to get the party started. We have it all from vintage to USB turntables. Let the DJ in you start spinning and scratching with vinyl records. Some of the top brands at Burke Decor are Stellé Audio, Seletti, Sunny Life, Yamazaki, and Crosley. These turntables not only enhance the style of the room but also mix well with rest of the decor. We also have all-in-one pieces that have inbuilt speakers making it easy to play in any part of the house. It’s best for people who wish to relive their favorite track and others who wish to try it for the first time.

Home Electronics Music Box and Vintage Radios

Do you miss your music on the beach? Our collection includes music boxes allowing you to plug and play your favorite music and enjoy it while tanning on the beach. The case is water and sand resistance making your summer on the beach filled with music and fun. Ever wanted to be the DJ, well now is the time to be one with these music boxes on the beach. You can use your smartphone or table to play your favorite music loud with its inbuilt amplifier. It can also play soft tune allowing you to enjoy the ocean along with soft and sweet sounding tune. You can also switch your vinyl albums to digital formats easily. This can keep your records stored safely. You can also buy additional speakers that will go well with your music room. Choosing the right speaker is key depending on room size and type of music you like to play. A smaller room can accommodate small speakers like portable or bookshelf ones. Well as a home theater type setup in a big room will require ceiling or in wall big speakers that are ideal for it. You can connect your turntable with the choice of speaker and enjoy non-stop music hits.

It is recommended to keep spare turntable styluses and cleaner to make sure that you have continuous music that does not come to an end. At Burke Decor you will find everything related to turntables making it easy for you to shop. Do you have a record collection of your grandfather? Well, a great collection is of no use without a good player. Vinyl records present excellent sound and avid collector of these record appreciate the pleasing sound. Although a worn out record will sound unclear and damage your entire collection. Nowadays many types of players are available from portable ones to plug into amplifier ones. Portable players are very handy as you can carry them anywhere you go. You never have ti miss the music you like when you have your player with you.

Buy Vintage Home Electronics Online at BurkeDécor

Buying and setting a turntable is very easy and fun. It’s time you introduce yourself to the world of turntable tunes that can be a delight to your ears. If you are a newbie and want to buy one, go with simple one allowing you to learn well all things about it. It is better to buy more professional ones later on when you well how it works. At the start, you might have to compromise with sound but it definitely will give you more knowledge about it and allow you tamper on or other parts of it. However, if you know well about turntable, looking for vintage ones can be rewarding. We at Burke Decor assure you will find everything you looking for be it a new trend or vintage turntables. Our collection offers new upgraded versions of turntables yet keeping the essence of the actual one. We hope you enjoy shopping at as much as you enjoy your music. It’s fun, sweet, and pleasing!