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There was a time when dining chairs were mostly limited to boring, stock designs. Armless and made without upholstery or any sort of cushions, these chairs have become a bit passé. At Burke Décor, decorators find an array of designer chairs suitable for use in a dining room, but also so decorative, unique and comfortable as to also be suitable anywhere in the home.

With familiar designer names, such as Aidan Gray, Redford House, BD MOD and Safavieh, among others, the dining chairs available in this Burke Décor gallery range from low-key and comfortable pieces in appealing types of upholstery to architecturally designed seating using a lot of innovative accents or unique blends of materials. Sold individual as well as in sets, they offer shoppers every possible color, material, shape or size from which to choose. Whether you are seeking a 1960s retro look, a classic spool and woven rattan seat or something straight out of antiquity, there are sure to be many options available.

A good way to begin a search for dining chairs in this Burke Décor gallery is to consider whether you are seeking a wooden chair or one with more color. Also, consider if you want something with arms or with upholstery. Because this variety of seating can work with many different types of tables, the chairs found here can also serve as wonderful office or conference chairs as well.

If you are unsure about the type of dining chairs you require, simply sort the entire Burke Décor gallery by the most popular or bestselling designs. This arrangement reveals the very latest trends in dining room seating. Because trends do change on a regular basis, the seating available here is also frequently updated, and you will see a surprising range of choices available. Don't be afraid to mix and match as this too is a long-time and ongoing approach to seating in the dining area. Blend shapes and materials, or go with one overarching theme. Each product page has a lot of helpful suggestions for pairing or mixing styles.

In the dining chairs available, you will see such unique options as the retro-inspired Dakota chairs by Interlude Home, the contemporary styles like the Mercer Modern Sinclaire from Safavieh, or the classic carved and rattan seats like the Chelsea chair from Aidan Gray. With such an array of choices, you can easily update of complete the decorating scheme for your dining room.

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