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Planters + Pots

Our modern planters add a sophisticated touch to any home decor. From contemporary indoor planters to unique plant pots, Burke Decor offers a wide variety of garden planters for any indoor or outdoor space.

Garden planters are not only for landscape designers and architects. Our amazing collection of antique reproduction garden planters, inspired by European gardens, will point even the least savvy of gardeners in the right direction. Create a fresh and natural focal point to any space with Burke Décor modern garden planters.

View our versatile collection of modern and antique replica garden planters in a variety of finishes, including faux lead, aluminum, copper, and terra cotta garden pots. These lightweight fiberglass garden planters lend themselves well to extreme climates and are built to last up to 30 years. Use these beautiful garden planters to create grand entrances, a well-dressed patio area, or an English garden-inspired sunroom in your home.

Find the perfect planter pot for your beautiful succulents or herb garden. With such a wide range of modern design options, adding one of Burke Decor's unique plant pots will bring life to any space. Add a touch of life to your house with window planter boxes to give your home even more of a warm and welcoming feeling.

Integrating plants into your interior design is a great and simple way to add a trendy touch to your living space. From the living room to the kitchen to the bathroom, all rooms of a home can use this simple addition to showcase a clean and modern look. Explore our wide variety of contemporary planters. Our affordable selection will complement any room of your home. Make your personal space bright and welcoming with a Burk Decor flower pot or planter today.