Brand Guidelines

Welcome to Burke Decor’s brand guidelines. These guidelines have been developed to provide a framework for consistent branding across all marketing and communication channels. By following these guidelines, we can maintain the integrity of our brand and build a strong relationship with our customers.
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Burke Decor Brand Voice

Our Values

Burke Decor is an aspirational home decor retailer dedicated to making elevated style and and design accessible to everyone. Burke Decor believes that interiors should reflect the unique personalities of the people that live and work in them. The Burke Decor shopper has a home that is unique and original, curated and eclectic, and is the opposite of “cookie cutter.” By offering our clientele a vast selection of designs hand selected from around the world, Burke Decor’s emphasizes the value of hand-selected, globally sourced designs, to create shopping experience where the art of the mix is not just possible, but easy to achieve.

Our Tone

Educated, elevated, playful and welcoming. The tone is approachable yet refined, reflecting a belief in the importance of individuality and self-expression in home decor. We don’t oversell, we share our love of design in a way that is accessible and fun, yet rooted in a the history of tradition of design. Burke Decor cares about beauty, quality, individuality and is always striving to make the world a bit nicer.   Burke Decor's brand voice conveys a message of empowerment, suggesting that creating a distinctive and personalized living space is not only possible but also easy to achieve through our broad product offering.

Grammar and Punctuation guidelines.

Proper grammar and punctuation should be used at all times.

Burke Decor is always “Burke Decor.” It is never shorted to “Burke” or “Burke’s.”  Occasionally Burke Decor will be shortened to “BD,” but this is always in the context of a sign off or signature, or in a casual caption that has already used “Burke Decor” properly.  

OUR Logo

Dark Background

Primary and secondary logos on dark background. It is important to ensure that there is enough contrast and that the white logo is legible.

Clear Space

We use the space within this version to define margins and clear space.
This is the minimum clear space required around the logo.



Burke Decor's color palette includes earthy tones and natural materials. It is inspired by our photography and created to ensure the legibility of our logo and written words. Below are and example of how we choose colors that compliment the photography.

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Hex #000000
RGB R:0, G:0, B:0
CMYK C:75, M:68, Y:67, K:90

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Hex #b5a27e
RGB R:181, G:162, B:126
CMYK C:27, M:33, Y:55, K:1

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Hex #695448
RGB R:105, G:84, B:72
CMYK C:46, M:60, Y:67, K:32


We communicate our values through the words we choose, thus making typography a key element of our brand. Here, we explain how we use typography across Burke Decor's brand universe. Fonts have been carefully selected to work effectively both independently and collectively.

Here we show the typefaces used for product information. Please refer to the typographic hierarchy for type style information.


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Site Blocks

Titles + Headings: Goudy Old Style

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Sub Headings/Headings

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